Bridal Wars

Your Squad VS. Their Squad

We know what you’re thinking… What Is This?!?!

We took the traditional Bridal Show and turned it up a notch.. or two!  Bridal Wars is a team competition, your bride squad vs their bride squad! One Tennessee bride to be and a group of her friends make up a team – your team can be as small as 2 and as large as you want! Mom’s are always welcome to join us.. even Grandma’s! (yup.. we see them on teams a lot)!   Every person registers individually on our website. Teams compete against each other in our one of a kind challenges- from Tug of War to Lip Sync, Relay Races, Bubble Soccer, Wrapping and much more! Don’t worry.. its not all physical!





What can you WIN?

Each challenge has a prize to be won! Over 25 prizes given out at Bridal Wars!  Local prizes (like gift certificates to your local Tennessee vendors) combined with our National Prize Sponsors!  PLUS we also give out prizes for the Best Team Name and Best Team Attire!



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Grab your girlfriends and meet us on the field! Bridal Wars is a team competition event touring the country! Teams compete in one-of-a-kind challenges, win some cool prizes and have a blast doing it! The challenges are a little bit physical (you might break a sweat), part hilarious (you’ll die laughing at your friends) and a whole lot of fun! Are you ready??

isolated_bl_logo_heart_0.jpgWe will see you there! 




Is there an age requirement?  Yes, all participants must be over 18 years of age.  Friends and Family are welcome to come watch and cheer you on, however everyone must be over 18 to compete.

What is one of my friends is pregnant?  Congrats to her! But.. sorry she can not be on your team! She is welcome to come watch and cheer you on!

What if I have more than 5 people I want to be on my team? No worries!  Make more than one team!  We don’t check hands for engagements rings, it’s not required to have a bride-to-be on a team! We do this so that you can have anyone you want come and compete with you!

Who can be on my team? Anyone you want!  Friends, Family, Mom, His Mom, Grandma, Cousins.. really anyone! We have seen it all!  Yes.. some seriously fierce Mom’s and Grandmothers on teams! ( the Mom’s are usually the craziest one’s on the field!) Man of Honor? yup.. guys are welcome to join a team, although it’s rare that they do, guys are welcome to compete with you. ( We might just ask them to sit out some of the physical challenges so it’s fair for the other teams competing)