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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wedding Day Rain Plan

Wedding Day Rain Plan


Welcome to The Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! Today we're talking all about tips for your wedding day rain plan! The first step is taking the time to create one and having someone responsible for executing it!  Having a rain plan for your wedding will make the difference between a successful wedding and a disaster filled one. Every venue and professional event planner should have more information about their specific rain plans, or what couples have done in the past. Either way, if no rain plan exists, we can help you build yours! For other wedding-related emergencies, check out our free Wedding Day Emergency Kit List!

1. Always plan for rain!

This is extremely important if your venue does not offer any covered spaces! No couple ever wants rain on their wedding day, but simple rain day options in case it happens cannot be stressed enough. You'll experience peace of mind instead of sheer panic if rainfall starts to happen at your wedding. Hoping that it doesn't rain on your wedding day is not a solution to the problem. Always act like it's going to rain and make sure that you are completely comfortable and familiar with the plan if it does. 

2. Does your venue have a rain plan?

If they don't, that might not be the best venue to pick so buyer beware! Any reputable venue will have a plan in place or suggestions they recommend that represent an additional cost. For example, they may recommend an event company for tent rental. It's possible to get a tent that can help cover your guests, but this is going to be an added cost.

There are some rental companies (here in Tennessee) that will allow you to do a deposit on a tent. It's called a rain plan tent and you let them know 48 hours in advance if they should deliver the tent or not. You're going to lose your deposit if you don't end up renting it, but you don't have to pay for the rest if you don't need it. The only bad part about that is you have to make the decision 48 hours before your wedding day. 

Either it's coming there or it isn't, there is no in-between. You can't make the decision the day-of or the day before because they don't have enough time to set up the logistics. They need to coordinate staff to set up and tear down the tent, allocate a trailer to deliver it, be ready for any on-site issues. Most importantly, the come to venue to ensure the tent will physically fit in the space. All of this represents work they can't do for free. Make sure that you're comfortable with your venue, ask if they have a rain plan in place. If not, a “rain plan tent” option or consider a different location would be your next steps. 

3. Wedding professionals require covered spaces.

Vendors such as DJs, caterers, and things like photo booths cannot be outside with no rain plan in place. If you're planning a more extravagant event and the venue only offers a limited reception space, you could be headed for problems. Consider this when picking a venue and be ok with needing to create more covered spaces for your guests and vendors at an additional cost. Confirming layout details with all your vendors is an important step in the planning process. They'll ask you what your rain plans are and if it's going to work with everything you've requested. If they've worked your venue previously, they may already be familiar with the plan and won't need any additional information!

4. Be practical about your hair and makeup. 

If you have super frizzy hair with humidity, talk to your hairstylist about that beforehand, just in case it does rain on your wedding day. You've invested time, money, and energy into creating that wedding day look, don't risk your plans, and be caught unprepared when the humidity raises and your perfect wedding hair needs help! Seek advice from your beauty professional and have your coordinator, a bridesmaid, or mom ready to help with whatever products you need. Don't risk your pictures by being unprepared.

5. Start keeping up with the forecast. 

What I recommend for my clients is not looking at any forecasts until five days before your wedding day. You'll just give yourself unnecessary stress for no reason! Five or so days in advance we'll give you a better, and more realistic view of what your day is going to be like. Specifically, on the wedding day, we recommend an app called “weather bug”. This app is great because it not only shows, let's say, an 80% chance of rain in Knoxville, Tennessee. It also uses your GPS location and then populates a weather radar around you. This way, you can see how far the rain clouds are from any specific venue in realtime. This is better information than just knowing that at some point during the day in Knoxville, Tennessee, there's an 80% chance of rain.

Your goal is to find enough time for an outdoor ceremony to take place before rainclouds hit! If you think that the ceremony might still be able to take place outside, you can hold the ceremony off for about 10 or 15 minutes. But if you think it’s not going to ease up, its most definitely time to move everything inside. Making this decision this close to the ceremony might not be possible at every venue. Certain venues have different types of logistical issues, some might need you to make a decision four or five hours before the ceremony even starts. If that's the case, you're just going to have to use your intuition, combination with radar maps, weather apps, and any other factors to make an informed decision. Once that decision is made, it cannot be reversed.

If you end up executing your rain plan, keep your guests in the loop of potential options. Inform them of where the backup ceremony will take place. This would include directing foot traffic directly from the parking lot to the new ceremony location indoors. If you think that you might be able to wing it and have your ceremony outside, you can wait for the rain to stop. Have dry towels on hand to wipe all of the ceremony chairs down before you ask your guests to sit. 

6. What it means for your photography.

Having it rain throughout today might be a little unsettling, and most couples think it's going to ruin their pictures! Don't stress actually! Photographers like overcast. Having direct sunlight in your pictures can make it harder for them to effectively take good photos. Some overcast or a cloudy sky is can be preferred by a lot of photographers. Some of them don't mind a little bit of rain! Trust me, if they're a professional wedding photographer, it's nothing they've never dealt with before.

Here is also where you can get some help from your wedding party! If you think rain is going to be an issue, buy and distribute matching umbrellas to take cute and creative pictures! You also get the added benefit of keeping everyone dry at the same time. My wedding planning company comes on-site with a pile of matching white umbrellas, just in case it's going to rain. I purchased 10 of them off Amazon for $60 bucks! 

You can also ask your photographer to use rain for some creative photos! Discuss this beforehand, especially if the forecast continues to call for a downfall. They have any ideas for a rainy photoshoot! This something you can preplan if you think that rain will be an issue.

7. Embrace it! 

The best tip that we have for a rainy wedding day is just to embrace it. Make the best of it instead of focusing on the negative. There's no way you're going to be able to stop the rain, but you can stop yourself from having fun and affecting how you'll look back at your wedding. Don't let the rain ruin this love story! Your wedding will still go on. You're still going to get married. You're still surrounded by your friends and family and everybody that loves you. You can still choose to have a fantastic day. 

Now, just in case we freaked you out a bit, in the seven years that I've been a wedding planner, we've only had to move a ceremony inside five times! That's because we always have a rain plan and make use of weather apps to ensure we only make changes when it's necessary. A reception can be as short as 20 to 25 minutes to get that couple married and then safely indoors with their guests. So, being mindful of the weather, having a rain plan, and the people to carry it out will keep everybody cool, calm, and collected. 

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