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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Themed Weddings Tips with Bella Villa Tennessee

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Themed Weddings Tips with Bella Villa Tennessee

Welcome to The Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! Today we're talking all about themed weddings, and we have a few ideas and tips to help you pull it off. From Game of Thrones to the Roaring 20s, themed weddings can be incredibly memorable for your guests!


To give us those tips and ideas, we've got Jerry here with Bella Villa Tennessee! This incredible estate venue includes gardens and gazebos, breathtaking views of the mountains, a country barn in the backdrop, all held at an elegant country estate! Choose this enchanting country estate for your Smoky Mountain wedding venue, special gathering, bridal shower, honeymoon, anniversary, birthday event, or merely a much-needed getaway.  They will create a package that best fits your unique needs and personal style! Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountain foothills of Sevierville, Tennessee, you'll find a magical setting for marriage proposals. A dream come true wedding/reception venue with overnight accommodations for up to 26 guests and space for up to 100 for special gatherings, a private elopement retreat for just two, or a complete vacation wedding package.


Smaller celebrations are becoming more and more popular. One of the most popular types of theme weddings goes by another name, Micro Wedding! Usually containing gets of 30 or less, these more intimate events offer couples substantial savings while providing an opportunity to celebrate with only the closest of family and friends. You can even turn your micro wedding into a destination micro wedding!

"We see more and more of these types of weddings. Just family and friends involved that spend the whole weekend or sometimes a whole week with the people that they love. We have a beautiful couple that has roaring 20s theme scheduled! Since it's 2020, they want to capture that twenties vibe! We're going all out with gold and black accents, music, lighting, and appropriate attire! It's such a fantastic idea and the couple decided not to go too over the top with the theme. They're keeping it elegant and will have their guests wearing themed costumes, dresses, and other entertaining touches. It's always a good idea to et your get guests involved with you. They made sure to tell their guests early enough so they can prepare. Their save the date out with a little hint to what's happening. Since that era was the prohibition speakeasies and things like that, we're doing a wedding cake and moonshine."


Check out our podcast this week to learn more about themed weddings and what you can do to plan one successfully. Bella Villa Tennessee would love to chat more about bringing your wedding ideas to life!

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