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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Wedding Hair Styling Tips for Curly Girls

Wedding Hair Styling Tips for Curly Girls

Girls with curls don’t often know how to embrace their natural waves and enhance them. The go-to hairdo for most of them is keratin treatments or taming the locks with a flat iron. But, hey…you don’t need to do that. Curls and waves have a natural charm that is worthy of showing off. If you are going to get married or be a part of a wedding event soon, there are tons of ways to flaunt your curls with elegant styles. 

Curly Girls’ Hair Style for the Wedding Season

Bride or not, attending a wedding party means your hair needs some special attention. Glamming up your everyday look takes a tad of creativity and here are some tips to tame your curly mane and get the desired look.


1. The Curly Girl Method

If you want to get rid of the frizzy mess of naturally curly hair, the curly girl method could be handy in bringing back the hair’s natural shine and health. Simple, avoid shampoos with sulfate and silicone-infused conditioners and hair-styling products. Start to follow this routine at least a month or two before the big day. 

Also, stop torturing your hair with heat (blow dryer, straightener, hot water, and curling iron) and start using some high-quality curly hair products. The goal is to minimize hair cuticle damage and regain its natural shine and health. 

To accentuate the hair’s natural curl pattern more, go for a DevaCut. This style will transform your frizzy mess into lovely gentle curls. It will end the everyday struggle as you can wear ‘wash and go’ and your locks will look amazing.

2. Delicate Hair Vines

DevaCut itself creates a style statement for natural curls, but a few accessories can make them look worthy of the big event. A delicate hair vine with star or leaf motifs will compliment your stunning ringlets. Such an ethereal, no-frills headpiece adds a modern twist to the traditional charm of the event.

If you are the bride, you may need something more gorgeous than a leaf or star vine. However, a Swarovski crystal headpiece or vine? Wear it above the hairline to prevent it from weighing down the curls too much. Highlight the look a bit much with a couple of coordinating pearl or crystal hairpins. Secure them with Kirby grips to prevent the pins from falling out while dancing.


3. Romantic Floral Head Accessories

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. So, any floral accessory can bring the festive spirit out of an ordinary getup. If you want to sweep the locks to one side, place the floral piece to the other side to pay homage to the old-school glamour of the traditional event. 

Don’t fall for a super neat combing, for a few loose locks at the temples or dangling on the forehead create a more relaxed classic bridal look. Pair up the floral headpiece with a few decorative side clips for more elegance.

If you are into a more romantic makeover, go for an up-do and attach a crystal flower hair vine or a gorgeous silver hair comb into the side just above the ear where the locks are pulled back for the hairstyle. Let a few tendrils dangle here and there to add a softness to the getup and play up the romantic vibe. 


Curly hair is beautiful and a fashion statement on its own right. A curly girl method just not tames the locks but makes each ringlet look at its best. When you can do that, it’s not hard to style them up for the big event. A careful haircut and a few complementing accessories can make you the star of the wedding party. 

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