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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

How Much Alcohol Wedding

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How Much Alcohol To Buy For Your Wedding

When choosing how much alcohol to buy for your wedding, it is important to plan ahead. We recommend hiring a bartending service for advice on the quantity of alcohol to purchase for your wedding from an experienced professional. A bartending service will also assist with the selection of drinks provided along with managing the bar on wedding day. Your selected venue or local law may require a bartender for the day of. Another bonus of a bartender for your wedding is depending on their services provided, glassware, ice, mixers, and garnishes can be provided. If you choose not hire a bartender however, or the bartending service you hire does not assist with pre-planning, we have 3 tips to make deciding how much alcohol to buy for your wedding easy!

1. Keep it Simple

Narrowing down your drink selection to a few favorite options at your wedding allows you to clearly assess how much alcohol to purchase. Complex signature drinks can complicate the decision-making process especially if you do not have a bartender. Beer and wine are reliable crowd favorites!

2. Know Your Guests

Recognizing your wedding guests’ preferences along with your own is a great way to discern how much alcohol to buy. If you know your guests are mainly wine enthusiasts for example, this will help you choose how many bottles of each selection to purchase. This also lets you know that you may not need to purchase as much of other options for the bar. 

3. Do the Math

Researching how many recommended servings for each of your chosen options at your wedding day bar provides specific guidance on how much alcohol to buy. Your bartender will also provide their specific calculations, but basically plan on one drink per hour per guest.  Plan for everyone to be drinking, even those that don’t drink alcohol, and that will make up for the guests that drink more than one drink per hour. So let’s do some easy math… If you have 100 guest and a 4 hour reception, you will need a minimum of 400 drinks. There are 4-5 glasses of wine in a wine bottle, about 6 servings in a standard bottle of champagne, and about 16 mixed drinks in a bottle of liquor.  Quick word of advice, don’t allow shots to be taken at your wedding, it can take a turn for the worst real quick if you do. If you are getting beer, get bottles or cans, as a keg is a bunch of mess to deal with, like extra ice, cups, and a container to hold the keg. This container will get condensation on it from the ice, and that can leak all over the floor, causing a slippery mess. Plus any beer left over in a keg will go bad quickly, while bottles and cans can be saved for another day.  

Planning out your bar for an event can be daunting, so we created a really easy checklist to help you! You can download our Wedding Alcohol Checklist below to help guide how much alcohol to purchase for your wedding.

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