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Friday, November 1, 2019

Wedding Horror Stories

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Horror Wedding Stories

Wedding days are full of beautiful moments between friends and family. Every detail is planned out from the perfect dress to the décor. However, with a crowd of people and multiple vendors, anything can happen. This is yet another reason we highly recommend hiring a day-of wedding coordinator ensuring there is a professional taking care of everything behind the scenes. Here at the Bride Link, we have compiled a list of 5 scary wedding mishaps and ways to avoid them!


  1. Fire Drill

There is nothing like a fire alarm to ruin the mood on your special day! While candles create a dreamy ambiance for your wedding day, it is important to make sure they are strategically placed out of harm’s way. Flowers, linens, and long gowns are all susceptible to the flame from candles. Choosing LED candles or taller candle holders will help create a safer environment. Hiring a day-of wedding coordinator is also an approach to make sure someone is looking out for you and your décor on your wedding day. 


  1. Falling Mishaps

With the many wedding we have experienced, we have witnessed many people taking a fall on their wedding day. Everyone from the wedding party to the vendors! It is important that any cords used for sound or power set up are taped down and wrapped neatly. Otherwise, you may see your DJ or guest taking a rough fall. With long trains on wedding dresses, make sure to have your coordinator or selected person hold your train for you as you prepare to walk down the aisle. That way your grand entrance is one you will want to remember.


  1. Family Drama

If there is any drama regarding your wedding day, sometimes it is best to make the decision of who will be participating during your ceremony beforehand. You will not want an unsupportive family member to affect your wedding day. This way, there are no issues about your ceremony beginning on time as you worry about unsupportive family members arriving. 


  1. Unlocked Tables

Many of the tables used for set-up on your wedding day need to be locked as they are compactable. Without ensuring the tables used for your wedding day are sturdy, your carefully chosen dinnerware and catering may end up on the floor. 


  1. Traffic 

Researching the traffic for your wedding day is important for you and the participants at your wedding. Make sure to notify every person well in advance and to plan ahead. You will not want to wait an extra hour for your officiant to show up on your wedding day!


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