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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

How to Start Your Wedding Registry

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One of the first questions that you’ll hear from your friends and family when you tell them that you’re engaged is “Where are you registered?”. Make sure that you spread out your shopping trips into different days. While it might be fun for you to shop around and look at 30 different patterns of sheet sets, your fiancé may think otherwise. This should be a fun experience for the both of you.

Registering at different stores and creating an online wedding registry can result in unique wedding registry items. It can also help your guests to have different stores that will have options for everyone’s budget. Registering online can help guests if the they don’t live close to any of the stores that you registered at. It’s also like a surprise Christmas every time you get a package at your door!

Once you register you’re going to need to spread the word. First, tell your mom, they’ll tell everyone! Next, make sure that your wedding registry information is listed on all of your wedding shower invitations so that you won’t end up with lots of random items that you don’t really need.

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