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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Guide For Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

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A Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Tipping your wedding vendors is a way to show appreciation for their role in helping to bring your special day to life. However, considering who you should tip or how much to tip each vendor can be a challenging feat. Here at the Bride Link, we have compiled a guide to tipping each wedding vendor to help simplify the process.


Photographer and Videographer

$60-$200 is the typical amount for tipping your photographer or videographer. Keep in mind the work these vendors put in behind the scenes when editing your photos and wedding video after your wedding day. Since these vendors may not stay for the entire event depending on your booked amount of time with them, tipping your photographer and videographer when they arrive the day of is ideal.  


Bartender, Waitstaff, and Caterer

A 15-20% tip will show these vendors your appreciation for their part in your wedding day.

These vendors may also leave before the venue officially closes so be sure to keep this in mind as you are giving out tips. 


Band or DJ 

$50-150 is the recommended tip for your Band or DJ. These vendors are typically available until the end of your wedding so there is no time limit when decide to tip them.


Hair and Makeup

Depending on the service offered, 15-25% is the standard tip amount for your Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists.



If your officiant is apart of a religious establishment, a tip towards their establishment is sometimes preferred. $50-$100 is the adequate tip amount for your officiant regardless if this is towards them directly or the religious establishment they are apart of.


Florist, Cake, and Misc. Vendors

Tipping your florist, cake baker, and other various vendors is not always expected but are greatly appreciated. Calculate your tip for these vendors based on the amount of work and the quality of work delivered.


Wedding Coordinator

Our final vendor to keep in mind when considering tips is your wedding coordinator. Your coordinator, depending on the package you booked them for maintains all of the behind the scenes details for your wedding. If you had a blast at your wedding, keep in mind your wedding coordinator. Tipping your wedding coordinator is a wonderful way to let them know they are appreciated and this tip is calculated based on the amount and the quality of their service. Most of the time, your wedding coordinator is by your side each step of the way for your wedding, maintaining a large part in organizing the event.

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