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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Wedding Grand Exit Options

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Three Eco-Friendly Wedding Exit Ideas

If you and your loved one are planning a sustainable wedding with options such as reusable cups and dinnerware to linen napkins, your wedding exit can be eco-friendly as well! Sustainable wedding exit ideas are unique options from classic choices such as confetti or sparklers. Your selected venue may also have restrictions set in place to limit clean up and protect the property. Here are three lovely wedding exit ideas that are easy on the environment and will impress you along with your guests:

1. Dried Flowers

Your love of flowers doesn’t have to stop at bouquets and centerpieces! With a variety of colors and shapes, dried flowers are a beautiful option that can easily coordinate with the theme of your wedding. As your guests line up for your send off, they can pick up cloth sachets or cones of your selected flowers, then you can exit your wedding in style.

2. Birdseed

If you desire a more traditional send off, birdseed is the choice for you. Birdseed is also cost effective. No worries about clean up with this option, the birds are happy to help!

3. Flags

For a DIY approach to your wedding exit, flags are a fun choice. You can select different fabrics and add phrases that are unique to your wedding. Sports fans can get creative with the addition of team colors. Guests can continue to enjoy their flags as favors, creating a reusable wedding exit option!

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