Couple portrait
Hannah Marilyn Photography
Monday, September 16, 2019

Sun Shower Engagement

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Jasmine and Chad met in the most unexpected way, on Bumble! Jasmine came across Chad's bumble profile and noticed that his profile image was a picture of him and this obscure actor, Tommy Wiseau from the cult-hit The Room. She was very intrigued as to why that was his profile pic, so instead of messaging him a simple "Hi" she wrote, "Is that Tommy Wiseau in your profile picture?" Chad was surprised that she even knew who that was and spent hours texting each other and eventually scheduled their first date. Since their first date, they have been inseparable. 

One of Jasmine's friends had started a photography business and asked a couple of his friends to be in his "test shoots." He had been looking for a couple to be in his photoshoot and choose Jasmine and Chad to be in it, which they agreed! What Jasmine didn't know was that Chad had been secretly meeting and planning with her friends on how to make the photoshoot a proposal instead. 

They even had secret code words to determine when and where exactly during the shoot the proposal would happen. When he found the spot, their friend had mentioned that he wanted to try and "artsy pose". He had Chad and Jasmine stand in a field across from each other and look at each other with a very neutral face. Once he started shooting again, Chad slowly got down on one knee and pulled out a ring from his blazer and proposed. Jasmine had no idea and was completely shocked!

Jasmine and Chad's advice is to try to plan your vendors in the order that you care about them-starting with the venue and working your way down to the things you care less about such as individual décor pieces. This will help you set your budget early as you will have your non-negotiable items done and will have a realistic view of what your flex budget is for the things you are potentially willing to go on without! 


Photography: Hannah Marilyn Photography | Ceremony Venue: Upstairs Atlanta | Reception Venue: Upstairs Atlanta | Submitted via: Matchology

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