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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Planning Your Wedding During Football Season

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Planning Your Wedding Around Football Season

If your wedding falls on game day expect some die-hard football to send their regrets.  Depending on who is playing you may have more people missing from your guest list.

You can also expect the hotels to be at full capacity during a home game.  If you live in a football town, there is a lot more happening than just your wedding, so expect to have a harder time finding a hotel to block rooms at for your event, especially if your venue is close to where the game is taking place. Traffic may also be an issue, especially if your venue is located near the stadium or popular tailgating locations.

Expect the football-loving fans that do attend your wedding to be obsessed with checking the score.  You can help them out by adding a TV in the cocktail area, or just give them the wifi password and let them huddle together in a corner watching an iPhone.  More than likely your guests will just casually check the score all night, but do expect it to be a distraction, especially if it is an important game with close scores.

You can choose to embrace the football theme, as I have seen tons of Orange and White weddings here in Vol country.  UT fans have even skipped the sparkler exit for orange and white pom poms. Some ways to work around the football thing would be to obviously choose a date outside of football season. Also, have your wedding during a bye week when locals or favorite teams aren't scheduled to play. You could also set up a TV to watch the game during cocktail hour! Meeting in the middle can give your wedding a great vibe from the beginning. Embrace the football theme and make it a full-on part of your wedding! Watch our video for more details tips!

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