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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

I have to say I am a little disappointed with the wedding advice I have seen out there.  I just feel like a lot of it focuses only on the pretty, it all about how things look, and it completely bypasses important things like how people feel and how to be organized so you have a smooth event.  When I did some research about packing your emergency kit for your wedding day, I am not surprised to say  that it again was all about the pretty stuff.  Pack bobby pins, deodorant, extra hairspray and tissues.  But for the 80% of couples that choose not to hire a wedding planner, you have to manage all the setup of your event yourself, and let me tell you your bobby pins and hairspray won’t save you in a set up emergency.  Today I am going to cover just a few things that you can find our on Wedding Day Emergency Kit checklist in detail, but for the full list you can download it using the link below or on




Let’s get started!


Twine – items that need to be secured or tend to fall


Fishing Line – hanging items with invisible thread


Floral wire and Tape – fixing boutinerres and floral arrangements should they come apart


Masking tape/gaffers tape – taping items when you need to make sure you don’t leave a residue


Sewing kit – most often for fixing a bustle on a brides dress, but really any sewing issue


Scissors – 2 types at least, one for heavy duty stuff like flower stems and another for ribbon


Black Sharpie and Blank Note Cards – instant mini signs.  Reserved signs, out of order signs, etc


Extension Cord – obvious but good to have on hand.  I recommend you know where the outlets you will be using are located and make sure that too many plugs aren’t banking on using the same outlet.  Also keep in mind if you pull too much power from one outlet (like the entire DJ setup surge protector and a photo booth) you could blow a fuse


Bugspray and sunscreen!! 

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