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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

What Is Wedding Insurance and Do I Need It?

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Should You Get Wedding Insurance?

  1. What is wedding insurance? Wedding insurance basically covers the couple on variables they cannot control. Example: if your wedding venue goes out of business and they cannot refund you the deposit you put down. This is when your wedding insurance goes into effect and protects you from events as such.

  2. Why get wedding insurance? Example: it’s your wedding day in the middle of the winter and over night there’s a storm that makes your venue inaccessible. With wedding insurance you can push your date back and not pay a penny more of what you already did. 

  3. How much does wedding insurance cost? Basic insurance plans cover loss of photos, rings, attire, and videos is usually around $155-$550. General liability which covers up to $1,000,000 for accidents usually cost around $185. 

  4. Do you really need wedding insurance? I would talk to each of your vendors and see how well they are covered. Ask them for a copy of their policy and weigh out your options. If they already have insurance to cover them you don’t want to get extra to overlap what they already have.

  5. When should you get wedding insurance? ASAP! You don’t want to put a deposit down on a venue and then in a few months a flood completely submerge it under water. You won’t get your deposit back unless you have insurance to cover you. 

  6. What does wedding insurance cover? Wedding insurance will cover site, vendors, weather, sickness, accidents and key people. For site, insurance will cover if the venue were to burn down or if you were no longer able to have your event there. For weather, it will cover incidents such as any weather disaster that would prevent the bride/groom from having their wedding there. This may also include wedding flowers and catering. 

  7. What does wedding insurance NOT cover? If either bride/groom got cold feet and other jewelry that exclude your engagement ring. This means your wedding ring is not included.

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