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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wedding Processional Order Made Simple

Wedding Processional Advice: 

1. Make sure to leave plenty of time between the people walking down the aisle. A slower processional gives the photographer time to capture every person as they walk down the aisle. If it is rushed the photos will come out a little blurry or rushed. As a wedding planner, I actually stand by each person before they hit the walkway. I provide spacing for them and let them know once they need to go.

 2. Make sure your little ones have a helper. If your flower girl or ring bearer have someone they are comfortable either guiding them or at the end of the aisle. Children are more likely to go to someone they are comfortable with, especially when they have a lot of strangers staring at them. Don’t worry if they don’t comply, most your guest will find this adorable.

 3. If you get nervous look at your partner. He or she will most likely be smiling right back at you. Look at them to calm your nerves and to remind yourself that today is your day and everyone is gathered there for you guys.

 4. Practice makes perfect.  Do a rehearsal, especially the transitions, like giving the bride away and handing off the bouquet.

 5. The typical order for the processional: But anything you decide is OK!



The grooms parents

Mother of the Bride


Bridesmaids/Groomsmen (best man and maid of honor are last)

Ring bearer/ Flower girl

Bride and Father of the Bride or whomever

This the typical order not saying you have to do it this way. Nowadays anything goes! This is just a basic outline to help guide you on making or planning out yours.

6. Free Cheat Sheet – Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet– organize what order your wedding party stands in and also who is sitting in the front row.

Wedding Processional Cheat Sheet

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