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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Wedding Day Set Up Tips

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Wedding Set Up Tips: 

  1. Get some help. The first step is planning out who is going to help you set up the ceremony/reception site for your wedding. While hiring a wedding planner can definitely ease the stress of having to set up and tear down most do not have that luxury. So that you a crew of people who can help you set up and make the day easier on yourself. 

  2. Make a list. Making a list will ensure that you know exactly what you need to bring on the day of and nothing special like a memory photo of your loved ones is left at home. Know who and when items are being brought also that way you can plan the set up accordingly.

  3. Leave yourself some extra time. Consider whether or not you will have to set up chairs or tables. If that’s the case you need to arrive an hour or two before you actually start setting up especially if you don’t have a big crew to help you out. 

  4. Do as much as you can in advance. If the venue allows it set up as much as you can the night before such as tables and chairs. This will take some of the heavy lifting and stress off of you the day of. 

  5. Stick to your timeline and create a layout. Sticking to your timeline will make sure you are not cutting it close to when your wedding should start. A layout will give you an idea of the space before you arrive on site so you can already know where you would like to set up certain things like the catering tables, cake table, etc. 

  6. Stay organized. Now if you do get a wedding coordinator get everything organized for him or her so it’ll be easier to find the day of. Example: get a tote and fill it with what you want on the gift table then place it where the gift table would be (even if the table isn’t there yet).

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