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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Getting Ready On Your Wedding Day

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  • Wedding Getting Ready Tips:

  1. Make sure you have an early night. With all of the nerves and excitement running through your body it may take you a little longer to drift off to sleep. Make sure you call it in early the night before. Play calming music and take your mind off of everything, that’ll definitely help you slip into sleep.

  2. Have all the important items ready to go. The night before your wedding you should gather all important items and put them in a place that is easy to find. Items such as shoes, jewelry, garter, and dress should be placed in the bridal suite so that they are easy to secure in the morning. This will save you time and in the end give the photographer more time to capture those precious moments.

  3. Make sure you have plenty of snacks for your crew. There is nothing worse than having “hangry” bridesmaids on the day of your wedding. Make sure just to have nutritious food for your gals. Things such as sandwiches, fruit, wraps, etc. This will ensure you and your crew is fed and ready for the long day ahead. 

  4. All Bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride should be dressed first. This allows your group to be able to help you get ready. They may need to help in putting your dress or shoes on. This way they aren’t rushing to get ready themselves and are ready for photos whenever you are done.

  5. Keep it clean. Clean after yourself. By picking up as you go will save you some time when the photographers show up. You don’t want trash to end up in your photos. Also, this will make packing up after your wedding a breeze since your items should be picked up and put into a secure place. 

  6. Make sure to follow your timeline. This will be your holy grail on the day of your wedding. Sticking to your timeline that your event planner has made will take the stress of feeling rushed away. If you stick to your timeline the morning of should have zero stress/anxiety. Also, make sure to include some extra time for things that may pop up that morning.

If possible, find a place with natural lighting. Make sure you have a spot where natural lighting can come in. That will ensure your makeup is the most flawless and natural it can be on your wedding day. Also, the photographer can snap some great pictures of you getting ready.

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