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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tips To Know Before Buying Your Wedding Dress

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Shopping for your wedding dress can be a nerve-wracking but rewarding experience. The thousands of different types of styles, fabrics, and designers can be a bit overwhelming. You can start by searching for your dream wedding dresses online where you can find mermaid wedding dresses, dreamy ball-gowns, and bohemian enchanted attire. Excited to start searching? Here are a few tips and tricks for nailing your wedding day look!


  1. Know your Vision

Have you chosen your date and venue? These two things help with choosing the right look for your dream day. Sleeves may not go well in July just as long trains might not work as well in a barn venue.

  1. Know your Budget

Nothing is worse than falling in love with something you can’t afford. When you walk into your appointment, let your stylist know what range you are comfortable staying within. Don’t forget the hidden cost such as wedding day accessories, shoes, and alterations!


  1. Research with an open mind!

We all have our dream dress in the back of our minds. However, what you think you love on paper may not be the same when you have it on your body. Trust your stylist! They know selections and dresses that you would have never dreamed of trying on. Let them know your vision and they will take it from there!

  1. Start Early

Keep in mind production, ship, and alteration times within your wedding planning schedule! Most dress designers have up to a six-month production and ship lead-time. It is super important to start your wedding dress experience as soon as you can.


  1. Find your squad

Finding your trusted entourage is hard. You’ll want to limit your trusted team to make your decisions easier. Most bridal salons have a limit to how many guests they can accommodate as well!

  1. Make Appointments

Everything about getting married is supposed to feel special and unique. Most salons highly recommend appointments to make sure that they have a dedicated stylist throughout your trying-on process and an open dressing room for you!


  1. Size Doesn't Matter

Bridal Sizing is quite a bit different than street sizing. No two designers have the same size charts! Sometimes a street-size 10 can be anywhere from a size 6-16 in bridal! We know it can be shocking when a larger number shows up on your order form, but resist the urge to order your “normal” size. It’s easier to take in a dress than it is let out!

  1. Trust your Gut

Don’t be afraid to critique and move around in the gowns you try on! This is your dream dress! It’s also okay to fall in love with the first one you try! Only you know how you feel in each dress you put on. Your decision matters the most!


We can’t wait to see all you beautiful brides saying YES to the dress! Remember to have fun and enjoy the moment; It’s such a memorable experience!

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