Destination Wedding FAQ
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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Welcome to The Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice. Today we're talking all about how to get started planning a destination wedding!

We just have a few tips for you just while you're doing your initial research. So first and foremost, the most important thing when playing a destination wedding is to let everyone know far, far in advance. You want to give everyone plenty of time to make travel plans. Not only will they need to book their accommodations and their flights, but they also might have to request off of work and save some money to make the trip. You want to give them as much notice as possible. When picking the destination make sure to research local marriage requirements. There are different laws and regulations for each state and definitely for each country. You’ll be required to abide by whatever their laws may be, this way at the end of all of this, your marriage is actually legal.

Now if you can, take a trip to your destination to ensure everything you want is there and that you have everything that you need for your dream wedding. Just so you know, pictures can make things look a lot different than they do in person. Being proactive and visiting beforehand can ensure that you're getting exactly what you're expecting. When you're creating your budget, you want to factor in an extra cushion in case of unexpected travel expenses. About 74% of weddings do go over budget. With a destination wedding, it's even more likely because there might be unintended things with travel that you didn't expect that will cost extra just for you to get to your intended destination. Make sure that you pad your budget for this expense.

As far as choosing vendors, you want to be really careful, especially if you can't meet anybody in person. You can read online reviews and look at portfolios. However, these can be misleading. I suggest that you go with a vendor that you feel comfortable with, one that has a phone meeting with you or is willing to face time with you so you aren't hiring somebody that you've never seen or spoken to. If you can, hire a local wedding planner, if it's in the budget and make sure to hire one, they can help ensure that you have an A list team of vendors. If you can't afford a wedding planner, you can get vendor recommendations from the venue that you choose. They would most likely have a list of preferred vendors that they work with often that also knows the venue well.

It's super important that you're going to have to be organized since the wedding is long distance and let's be honest, if you forget something you can easily get it. This is also where wedding planner will really come in handy. Now don't forget to dress for the climate in which you're traveling to and make sure that your guests are aware of any special clothing or footwear that they need to bring to make it to your destination wedding. Nobody lasts long wearing high heels in the sand! You want to make sure that you give as much information as possible so that your guests are comfortable. Also, you can check out group rates for hotels and flights and rentals. It's important to be surrounded by friends and family and group rates may help make it more affordable to your wedding guests.

If you're traveling out of the country you should also consider hiring a travel agent. I know that you can look a lot of stuff up online and can find a lot of great deals on your own. But consider if something goes wrong? If looked up everything online, you're totally on your own! If you actually hired a travel agent and something goes wrong, you can call them or a hotline and they can help you out. Sometimes travel agents are able to give the same discounts that you can find online, there is a good chance it's going to be the same price or just as cheap as any online deals. You’ll have a lot less work for you and they're gonna know a lot more about the area and be able to give you better recommendations than any you would find on your own.

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