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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Why Are Photographers So Expensive?

Have you been shopping around for a wedding photographer and been surprised by the price?


Photo: Megan Ellis Photography

There are several reasons for this! First and foremost, let's discuss skill and experience. There are some people that are just naturally creative and see photography as an art form. Very rarely can you suddenly become great at it. It takes a lot of training and practice to understand the technical aspects of photography in general, so that artistry skill can cost a pretty penny. Especially if you're looking for a photographer that has a great reputation and is well established, expect to pay for their experience. Photographers need to have  technical knowledge of their equipment as well as various software programs and editing tools.


Photo: Erin Morrison Photography

The second reason why photographers are expensive is the equipment. They need to have a really nice camera and those don't come cheap! They're going to utilize multiple lenses, tripods, extra batteries, numerous filters, additional cameras, and sometimes the cost of a second shooter. Being able to take pictures as quickly and efficiently as possible is a huge asset. Most photographers also keep backup equipment on site in case their primary stops funtioning. They need to be completely prepared because missing the shots that define a wedding just can't happen!


Another reason is due to the risk involved. Many clients put down a deposit and then for one reason or another the wedding gets canceled. The photographer loses out on the remainder of the balance and may not have enough time to back fill the date. Even worse, they may have already turned down other bookings for the same day. There is also the risk of no second chances! They must be prepared to expertly capture your wedding photos regardless of complications, special requests and unexpcted variables. Once the event is over, there is no going back! It is the photographers responsibility to deliver the portfolio their clientele have entrusted them to create.


Photo: Leah Moyers Photography

Photography is also a labor intensive job, they need to be at the right place and at the right time to make sure every shot is accounted for. A photographer once told me she wears a Fitbit on her wrist when she shoots and on average walks between seven and ten miles during a single event. To have a professional carry all of their equipment and follow you around for 10 hours in July is without a doubt very physically demanding. Lets not forget any travel time to and from the venue, time spent scouting locations, client consultations, phone meetings, and time waiting for clients who arrive late for appointments.


Photo: Leah Moyers Photography

Now, let's move on to editing photos, all the images captured the day of an event can easily turn into a whole week of editing. Yet, they are still required to run their business and do everyday tasks like marketing, answering emails, general office hours and equipment maintenance. Running a business cost money and since most photographers are self-employed, they must cover all their expenses themselves. They still need to pay for services like accounting help to file their taxes, insurances (health and business), certifications, permits, and membership costs to associations that help them build their business.


Photo: Megan Ellis Photography

Lastly, there is a seasonality that is involved, wedding photographers that are really popular during wedding season asually see a drop in bookings for the rest of the year. Their pricing during wedding season needs to compensate for that.

I hope we've given you some insight into why photographers can be so expensive for booking weddings and other events. For more expert wedding planning advice, visit us at The Bride Link!


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