How to make your wedding menu unique
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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How To Make Your Wedding Menu Unique

Join us at The Bride Link for tips on how to make your wedding menu unique!


When it’s time to figure out wedding catering, everyone’s goal is to do something really unique, authentic and unexpected. First, consider your serving style! Whether its going to be a buffet, plated, station, or family style serving, deciding this first is a great place to start.. A buffet is a single long line of tables where all the food is placed and your guests grab a plate and collect food for themselves. Plated food comes out plate by plate and served at the table, right in front of your guests. Station serving represents multiple different tables where food is served and guests go from station to station for different selections. This type of serving style focuses more on appetizers and smaller plates. Finally, family style is where larger portions are served in communal platters or bowls at the table and guests each pass it around just like you would at Thanksgiving dinner.


Next, think about your offerings! Research different flavors, combinations, unique ideas and different bars that are interactive. Examples of interactive bars include a mashed or baked potato bar, macaroni and cheese bar, or even a custom signature drink.  You also have to consider timing, a way to make your food unique is to serve it at an unexpected time. Think: pre-ceremony bites, special appetizers and even a snack hour. Late night snack foods such as pizza, popcorn, and french fries available during open dancing can leave a memorable experience!


Displaying your food is next, don't be afraid to try new things!  Everything from little itty-bitty servings of tomato soup in a shot glass accompanied by a small piece of grilled cheese to styled layouts like macaroni and cheese served in a giant cast iron skillet can leave a lasting imperssion on your guests. You can even include food trucks, coffee carts and even a surprise dessert cart that rolls out during your reception for an extra special surprise.


No matter what you’re looking for weddings, you can visit us at The Bride Link for more expert wedding planning advice!

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