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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Defining Your Wedding Vision

Now, I know you're just getting started and probably already feeling stressed and a little unsure of what the next step is. So first let's work on defining your wedding vision. This section will help you to find what is important to you as individuals and then allow you to come together and compromise as a couple. It will also help to create a clear roadmap and identify your specific planning needs.

The first step is figuring out what is important to you. You want to do this each on your own, with no input from each other and no restrictions at all. No budget limit, no guest count concerns, no pressure from others. What would your dream wedding look like? Where would it be? What would it feel like for you? We created our wedding vision worksheet to guide you in making some basic planning choices. The wedding vision worksheet should be used to guide you in making some basic planning choices. It's so easy to fill out the first page! It's almost a paint by number challenge with some simple questions to get you started thinking about your overall wedding. Ultimately we want to clearly define and then later come to an agreement on five things. Location, wedding size, budget range, your top three priorities and your non negotiables.


1. Location! Where in the world would your wedding be held This question may be easy for some but, tough for others. Many people opt for their hometown, but there are also so many destination options. Consider things like cost, seasonal availability and travel time.


2.Wedding size! This means specifically how many guests will attend. Since you haven't even thought of a guest list yet, we created three different ranges where we see the number of guests really starts to impact the cost and logistics of the event. That would be small and intimate weddings which are less than 75 guests. An average size wedding which is 80 to 150 guests or a large wedding which is 150 guests.


3. Budget range! What budget range would you want to be in? This is a tough question because the first two questions about location and guests size can have a huge impact on your budget and you haven't yet talked to your VIP about donating to the cause. At this point we're just looking for a budget range that you both agree is a reasonable amount to spend on the event.


4. Your top three priorities! Next, think about your wedding overall and choose the top three things that are the most important aspect to you and have her fiance do the same. These can be things like flowers or people like including a stepchild or feelings like having privacy. One helpful tool at this point will be our wedding priorities cheat sheet. It's a simple list of things that we've heard from our clients that were listed as priorities when we helped plan weddings.


5. Non negotiables, use this section sparingly! something that is non negotiable is of such an importance to you it can change plans completely for all parties involved in the event. The list should be really short because if you have too many non negotiables you'll seem really demanding and that you just aren't willing to compromise. Not the most ideal way to start a marriage.


So come together with your list and see how you match up. Warning, you may have completely different ideas on what makes a perfect wedding. When my husband and I were initially planning our wedding, we realized right off the bat we wanted really different things. I wanted to elope in Las Vegas and he wanted a three day long music festival camp out...that just so happened to include a marriage ceremony.


If you're like us now, is the perfect time to test out your couple skills and compromise. Start with your non negotiable items first and as long as they don't conflict, you can move on. If they do, look at your list of priorities and see where you can give and take to make sure that you both get some but probably not all of what you want. Together you will be creating your wedding vision statement. This is a single statement that will describe exactly what you want your wedding to be like. We tried to make it fun for you by making it a game. So if you download our wedding priorities cheat sheet, you will find within it a web Lib. It's an easy way to have fun while you compromise and come up with a unified wedding plan.

Now bust out the bubbly because it's time to celebrate! You now have a clear wedding vision, a list of priorities, and you're a united front where you both know what you want. You’ve agreed on what you can afford and you've compromised with your priorities in mind and your non negotiable items are clearly laid out.

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