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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

What Order to Walk Down the Aisle in a Wedding Processional

You’ve planned everything for your big day and maybe just forgot one little detail. How will you and your bridal party actually walk down the aisle? Don’t worry today we’re going to tell you about the traditional way to order your processional, and then we’re going to tell you how personalize it

First, if you have decided to include grandparents into your processional then we’ll start with them. The groom’s grandparents will always go first. This is just like ballroom dancing where the male leads. Next will be the Bride’s grandparents.

Now it’s time for the parents to walk. This is a very proud day for them so keep that in mind as you decide who they will walk down the aisle with. First is the Groom’s parents because of our rule “the male leads”. If his parents are still married, then they will walk together. If not, then you will need to find an escort for both of them. This is the best way to personalize a ceremony, by having the groom escort his mother down the aisle, moms will love it!

Since traditionally the father of the bride escorts the bride that leaves mother of the bride without someone to walk with. Mother of the bride can be escorted by a sibling or cousin of the bride, someone close to the family.

Next is the wedding party. If the Officiant is not already standing in place at the altar, then he/she will go ahead of the wedding party in the processional. Following will be the groom, unless of course he has already escorted someone down the aisle then he would just stay at the altar. Next the groomsmen file in if they are walking in separately from the bridesmaids. This is where most of the creative freedom comes from. The best man will go first so that he can stand beside the groom while he’s waiting to see his bride. The bridesmaids will enter the opposite way. They will enter with the furthest from the altar entering first and the Maid of Honor walking in last so she can stay with the bride for as long as possible. Then will be the ring bearers and the flower girls. They can walk separately or together depending on age and your preference. If they are really young then they will probably have more luck making down the aisle if they’re together.

And then… the bride!!!  Tradition of course is the Father of the Bride walks her down, but if Dad isn’t going to be there that day, don’t fret there are plenty of options.  First you can have a male figure that is important in your life fill in.  A grandparent, brother, or close friend for example.  Next option is Mom can walk you down the aisle.  Mom raised you too, and I will say it again MOMS LOVE IT!!  And the third option is you walk that aisle like it’s a runway girlfriend and walk yourself.  And there you have it!  Whether it be traditional or more modern and personalized we hope we helped you figure out your wedding processional today.


Here’s a list of how the wedding processional should look:

Groom’s Grandparents

Bride’s Grandparents

Groom’s Parents

Bride’s Parents



Best Man



Maid of Honor

Ring Bearer

Flower Girl

Bride & Father



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