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Monday, November 12, 2018

Colorful Floridian Engagement Session

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We love seeing couples in love. Call us hopeless romantics, but it still makes us smile when we see images of couples who can’t help but light up when they see each other! That’s why we are in love with Catalina and Chance’s engagement session! You can see the love pouring out from one another!

what to wear for engagement picture

what to wear for engagement pictures

Catalina and Chance grew up in the same neighborhood. In fact, they were constantly surrounded by a group of mutual friends. However, neither was formally introduced until their freshmen year of high school. It was during that first meeting that the couple instantly connected. Even though all of their friends and family knew that their friendship was something more, Catalina and Chance remained friends until March 2010 when Chance officially asked out Catalina on a local pier. The couple remained together through high school and all throughout college, and are so grateful for the solid foundation that it provided their relationship.

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Since the moment that Chance and Catalina began dating, they both knew that marriage was in the cards for them. So Chance decided to plan his proposal in the same romantic fashion that he had asked out Catalina; on the local pier. The couple would travel to this pier to relive the beginnings of their relationship during special occasions, so Chance knew that he had to incorporate it! On their sixth anniversary, Chance suggested that the couple go over to their special spot. It took some convincing but Catalina finally agreed to go. She remembers that she was annoyed when the wind picked up and Chance didn’t immediately take off his coat for warmth. Little did she know that the ring box was hiding in his jacket pocket! There is a cluster of small gazebos along the trail to the pier. As the couple walked along the shoreline, one of the gazebos lit up fairy lights. Inside the gazebo, vases containing white hydrangeas surrounded the couple, but Catalina was still oblivious to what was going on. It wasn’t until she heard a guitar in the distance playing one of their songs that she realized what was happening. By that time, Chance gave her the biggest smile and got down on one knee! The couple will be tying the knot one day shy of their anniversary, and we cannot wait to see the next chapter of their lives!

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When considering engagement rings, it was important to the couple to find a ring that was ethically sourced. After exploring various options at their local jewelers, Chance and Catalina decided to switch gears and look more into Moissanites. Not only did they provide Catalina peace of mind, but the lab-created beauties sparkled at every angle! The bride has always loved the art deco look so the couple incorporated these design elements into her stunning engagement ring.

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For attire, Catalina had originally considered going for a more bridal vision. Then she reconsidered, stating the her photographer Ailyn Torres would be getting plenty of photos of her in white on the big day itself, so it was time for a vibrant attire! Chance looks handsome in his stylish cobalt blue suit, and we believe that they compliment each other perfectly!

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We are so excited for Catalina and Chance and we wish them a lifetime of joy and happiness!


Photographer: Ailyn Torres Photography | Yellow Dress: Lulu's | Blue Dress: Kate Spade

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