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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Knoxville Wedding Planner: Southern Elegance Weddings

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We love our Bride Link brides! That's why when one of our brides becomes one of our Bride Link Vendors, we just have to share! Teresa Faircloth is the owner of Southern Elegance Weddings. Southern Elegance Weddings is a boutique company that will take care of all the details. Whether you are looking for someone to take over completely or to simply assist with research and ideas, Teresa will take the stress out of planning your event so that you can enjoy your engagement! We recently sat down with her to talk about the joys of planning weddings!

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Photo by: Through Victoria's Lens

How long have you been in business and in the wedding industry?

I have almost completed my first year as a wedding coordinator!


What brought you into the wedding industry?

I have always loved weddings! Before I became a wedding coordinator, I was always the guest who ended up being more like a vendor. When people were dancing, I was helping their mother put cards and gifts in the cars. When the couple was leaving, I was helping with the clean up. I love helping couples make their weddings stress-free and make every moment unforgettable!

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What is a lesson you’ve learned since being in the wedding industry?

Weddings are beautiful and stunning, but they can also be draining on a couple (mentally, physically, and emotionally). That’s why being surrounded by a great bridal party is key! They know you and they can step in when things get to be too much.


What is your favorite part about a wedding in general?

I have two favorites! The first one is when the couple sees each other for the first time when they’re walking down the aisle. It’s always a special moment and I love when it’s captured in photos! The second is the parent dances. I’m a Daddy’s girl by heart so I always choke up when I see the looks between the parents and their child.


What makes you or your business different?

I had my own beautiful wedding less than 5 years ago, so I have recently been where you’ve been! It’s my goal to make everything not only beautiful, but unforgettable.

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Photo by: Andrew Allen Morton Photography

Tell us about one of your favorite couples or weddings!

There are so many to choose from! What comes to mind are these MIDDLE SCHOOL sweethearts that recently tied the knot. They were some of the sweetest people that I have ever met, and their families made me feel like I was one of their own! Many couples become friends during the process, but I still consider them family.


Are you seeing any trends in what couples are wanting for their wedding day when they meet with you?

I think the biggest is that couples today are all about tailoring their wedding to fit their personalities! From Beauty and the Beast to Rose Gold, it’s all about your tastes and what your vision is!

outdoor wedding ideas
Photo by: Through Victoria's Lens

What do you wish every couple knew before they walked in your doors for a consult?

It’s ok to have help! Planning a wedding can be stressful so it’s ok to ask for me to step in to help you.

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What piece of advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

There’s so many, it’s hard to choose! I guess a couple of things. One, don’t sweat the small stuff! No one will notice if you forgot favors or if your napkins are polyester or cotton. Everyone will assume that it’s all part of the plan! And the other is be careful who all you have to help with wedding planning. If you invite too many people for your meetings, your voice might not get heard!


Do you have any specials or packages you would like us to highlight? If so, what are they?

If you mention The Bride Link, I will provide you with a free rehearsal dinner with your package!

wedding planner in Tennessee
Photo by: Sara Grace Photography

What can couples expect when they meet and book with you?

I love everything about your wedding! I want to hear it all: how you met, how y’all proposed, your vision, your dress, everything! I am also a very visual person so I love seeing pictures, the more the better! And lastly, If there’s any way that I can help you, let me know!


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