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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sunset Photos

In planning your nuptials, you have spent countless hours pouring over pictures of other weddings, envying how so many photographers were able to capture those Pinterest-worthy photos. Most photographers will tell you that almost all of those stunning photos were shot during The Golden Hour. Though it goes by many names, such as sunset photos or The Magic Hour, it is all in reference to the period just before sunset or shortly after sunrise. We’ve outlined some pros to having photos taken during The Golden Hour, as well as provided you with some options to capture these stunning moments.

sunset photo
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


No Squinting. Have you ever taken photos where you can barely see the camera? On your wedding day, the last thing a couple wants is to have pictures where all they are doing is straining to see. During sunset photos, the sun is in a different direction behind the couple and the sun has a golden and reddish hue, which minimizes the effect of having to squint.

sunset photos
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


No Harshness. Another reason to incorporate sunset photos is the harshness of the sun. During the day, sunlight can be extremely unforgiving to take photos. The result could mean that you don’t the quality of pictures that you desire. During The Golden Hour, the sunlight is much warmer and softer; giving you a romantic glow for your photos.

sunset photo inspiration
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


No Dark Shadows. Throughout the day, the sun is consistently casting shadows. This can lead to couples casting a shadow on their partner or on themselves. During sunset photos, shadows are almost entirely eliminated, making it easier to capture those intimate moments between you and your partner.

sunset photo ideas
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


So we’ve given you a few benefits to The Golden Hour, but you aren’t sure how to make time to capture these stunning photos. One option would be to schedule some time during your cocktail hour. This way the time is already allotted for pictures, as well as it gives you some special moments alone as a newly married couple!

golden hour
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


Another option is to sneak away from your reception. Many wedding planners like to cut the cake, and while guests are eating, you and your new partner can sneak away for a few private moments.

golden hour inspiration
Photo by: Erin Morrison Photography


Not sure when the sun is setting on your big day? Not to worry, many websites offer you a customized sunrise and sunset table so that you can schedule your reception accordingly.


If you want to incorporate The Golden Hour with your photos, make sure to discuss options with your photographers. They will be more than happy to find the best spots for your own Pinterest- worthy photos.


Photographer: Erin Morrison Photography


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