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Monday, September 3, 2018

Intimate Conservatory Elopement

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There is something so intimate, meaningful, and special about an elopement. The act of two people intentionally choosing to say 'I do' JUST to each other (and sometimes just parents or immediate family) has a certain charm that we adore. That is just what Megan and Shawn did on this chilly St. Patrick's Day this past March. Megan and Shawn had their gorgeous elopement at Phipps Conservatory. The couple was surrounded by the greenery and blooms that Phipps exudes, alongside their four daughters and closest family. Phipps Conservatory was the perfect backdrop to compliment this sweet couple! The venue is filled to the brim with gorgeous blooms and foliage. Each room lends a new view and environment that ranges from romantic and light filled to dessert greens, making this conservatory an ideal venue for an elopment! Parkway Florist designed the beautiful bouquet of the day. With pale colors and bright whites, it is the perfect compliment to the simple feel of this elopment!

Megan and Shawn had originally met at work. The couple are both therapists at a community mental health care facility, and knew they they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Three years later, both knew that they wanted to take the next step so Megan and Shawn began looking at rings. Eventually, the couple designed their own ring! However, Shawn was still able to plan the perfect proposal for Megan. Without Megan knowing, Shawn had picked up their custom ring. Then he proceeded to place the engagement ring on one of their favorite board games, and proposed to Megan.

Both Megan and Shawn wanted a more casual look for their intimate elopement. We loved when Shawn said his vows to not only Megan, but also had vows for his daughters. Shawn mentioned that his favorite of the day was seeing Megan walk down the aisle to greet him. Megan's favorite moment was getting to spend a moment alone with Shawn immediately after the ceremony, while the couple took pictures throughout Phipps. She said that those moments were very relaxed and it gave them time to enjoy being husband and wife.

Shawn and Megan shared some advice with us for couples planning their wedding. They advise couples to make it what they want! Do not feel pressured to do things a certain way simply because that is what someone else would prefer. And most importantly, take time to enjoy yourself and the small moments throughout the day.


Elopements are such a special and intimate moments and we absolutely swoon over them and we hope you do too!

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