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Thursday, August 9, 2018

How to Personalize Your Ceremony

In planning your wedding, the question of how to personalize your wedding ceremony tends to pervade the mind—how do I make this monumental moment my own?  There are several ways to modify or customize a ceremony to truly make it a celebration of your unique love story, and we have a few suggestions for you!

Photo by: Addi Diamond Photography

Photo by: JoPhoto


  • Choose the right officiant. To begin with, choose an officiant who reflects your personal values, whether spiritual, moral, or cultural. (Most importantly, just be sure to hire an officiant at all—you wouldn’t believe how many couples forget this one until the month before their wedding.) Sure, you can hire the first officiant you find, and they could certainly do a fantastic job, but your ceremony will be that much more special if you find someone who genuinely reflects who you are as a couple.

    Photo by: Erin Morrison

    Photo by: Erin Morrison

  • Find a ceremony with the right fit. Do you prefer a serious tone, or are you keeping things light and breezy? Do you want a unity ceremony of some sort (sand, candle, fight box, etc.)? Whatever it is that speaks to you, base your ceremony around this concept. This is also a wonderful way to incorporate various cultural or religious traditions into your wedding. Not only will this choice lead to a more intimate-feeling ceremony, but you will also remain true to yourself, thus making your wedding an event to remember.

  • Photo by: Erin Morrison

    Photo by: Erin Morrison

  • Prioritize your people. Of course the people in your wedding party are some of the most important personalities in your life, but it doesn’t have to end there. We know that most couples have to limit the number of friends and family members in their wedding party (after all, you can’t fit everyone at the altar), but that doesn’t mean that other guests of honor can’t be given a little spotlight of their own. Consider including readings, speeches, or songs in your ceremony in order to include other central figures in your life. This choice will make your ceremony unique while also giving a nod to those who have helped you come so far.

  • Photo by: Pine and Blossom Photography

    Photo by: Erin Morrison

No matter how you choose to approach your wedding ceremony, all that matters is that it reflects who you are as a two people in love. There’s no wrong way to do that.

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