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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Boho Budoir Shoot

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A fascinating and often forgotten aspect of the wedding industry is the boudoir shoot. A great gift for your fiancé before the wedding, or the perfect way to commemorate your anniversary, a boudoir photoshoot is an incredibly intimate way to express your love—and your desire—for your significant other while also celebrating your own beauty. This shoot is no exception.


Shot by Loretta Lewis Photography, Sharon’s boudoir session is a testament to the craft. Set in a gorgeous Airbnb in Scott, Louisiana, Loretta calmed any last-minute reservations Sharon may have had and grabbed the camera.


Sharon, whose natural beauty is unrivaled, became electric in front of the lens. Playing with composition, lighting, and perspective, Sharon was a portrait of longing. From her intriguing face to her lithe body, she brings the viewer into the space and creates an intimate atmosphere full of character and passion.


What’s more, the multiplicity of settings brings a diversity to the shoot. From the bedroom to the dining room to the garden courtyard, this boudoir session feels like it contains three sessions in one, each with its own unique characteristics. When you add in the three lingerie changes and the differences in mood, from serious to playful, the shoot becomes a study in personality. She even showers at one point, adding a sultry touch and steaming up the windows.


If you’re debating whether or not to do a boudoir shoot of your own, stop thinking and take the leap. Not only will you love your experience, but you will have a permanent reminder of how radiant you are in your own skin.


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Photography: Loretta Lewis Photography

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