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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Anniversary Photo Session

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Here at The Bride Link, we are constantly sharing adorable engagement sessions and stunning weddings! However, when we discovered an Anniversary session, we jumped at the chance to feature this on our website! Amberly and Matt are celebrating ten years together this year, and this special milestone called for a special session to commemorate! The couple, along with Laura Wolfgang of Laura Wolfgang Photography, ventured up the gorgeous grounds of Highlands Ranch Mansion, where the trees were full of blossoms and the ground were in full bloom! Laura even handmade a bouquet for Amberly to hold!


Ten years ago, Amberly and Matt met attending college at Midland Lutheran College in Nebraska. Matt’s proposal is quite an entertaining story! Amberly had planned a trip to Chicago to celebrate our “dating” anniversary. Both had felt that they were at that step in their relationship, so Amberly was secretly hoping that Matt would propose. Amberly was convinced that Matt was going to pop the question that she snooped through his bag while he was out of the hotel room!


She did not find a ring, but Amberly was determined to not let it get her down and wanted to enjoy their weekend together. Throughout sightseeing and walking around Chicago, Matt would give Amberly a card every time they had stopped. Some included why he loved her, jokes that they had shared, or sweet reminders of things that they had in common. When the couple reached the hotel, Matt gave her a final card proposing to her! Needless to say, Amberly was very surprised but excited! Amberly confessed that she had looked for a ring without success, Matt also had a funny confession! Matt knew that she would search for a ring so he had hidden it inside a pillow that he had brought along the trip! He had even hidden all of the cards between pages of magazines that he had packed!


To commemorate Amberly and Matt’s anniversary, the couple decided that they wanted to be dressed more formal than what they typically wear for their family pictures. They worked closely with their photographer, Laura, to pick a color scheme that would be perfect for the photo shoot! Amberly found her perfect dress at a local boutique and based off the rest of their looks from there!


Amberly and Matt shared some of their favorite memories over the last ten years. Matt says that sitting on the porch with each other, playing board games with their kids by the fireplace, going to outdoor concerts, and spending time with both of their families are some of their favorite moments! Amberly adds that they enjoy everyday, simple moments and thoroughly enjoy playing golf and hiking as activities for just the two of them and as a family. She adds that Matt is very thoughtful around special days and surprises not only her, but their two daughters, with flowers and cards!


This couple is everything that we want for our couples and wish Amberly and Matt many more years of wedded bliss!


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Photography: Laura Wolfgang Photography | Venue: Highland's Ranch Mansion | Attire: Amazing Lemons Boutique | Floral: Laura Wolfgang Photography | Submitted via: Matchology

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