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Thursday, July 26, 2018

This One's for the Boys

So much discussion in the wedding industry centers at the bride, specifically her dress and accessories. But what about the boys? Below, we’ve outlined a few details to consider when you’re planning your menswear.


Photo by: Brittany Sidwell Photography

  1. Consider the season. Except in cases of a strictly formal wedding with a ceremony starting after 6 PM, you typically won’t want to choose a full tuxedo or a three-piece suit for your groomsmen’s attire if you’re planning a summer wedding. The amount of sweating and general discomfort this choice will cause, especially for an outdoor wedding, just isn’t worth the clean look you’re imagining. In keeping with the season, perhaps trade out black coats and slacks for navy or charcoal. If your wedding is less formal, or you’re going for a vintage-casual vibe, go for a dress shirt and slacks with rolled sleeves and suspenders, a look which is both clean and friendlier in the heat. Obviously, for a winter wedding, go the opposite way and choose thicker, warmer fabrics, as well as more layers if possible.
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  1. Colors. There are more reasons than just the weather to play with colors outside of the traditional black. We’ve all seen a wedding color incorporated into a vest and tie, but this can often look out of place or severe if the details aren’t just right. Consider allowing the time of year to influence your guys’ colors. This means keeping things light and breezy in the summer, with darker tones and black coming into play more towards the end of the year. Spring is a great time to pair a structured jacket with ivories and bowties, while autumn can be a great time to experiment with a simple vest over a button-up and a newsboy cap.
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Photo by: Brittany Sidwell Photography

  1. Accessories. Your guys’ accessories, while being visually appealing, can also transform their look as well as serve functional purposes. For example, a boutonniere doesn’t pin well to a dress shirt on its own. Therefore, you’ll want suspenders, a vest, or a jacket in order to get the boutonniere to sit correctly. Cufflinks, similarly, keep a cuff taut and neat for a simple shirtsleeve look or a formal wedding in which every detail is under scrutiny.
Photo by: Andrew Henderson Weddings

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