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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Invitation Wording Etiquette Tips

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Your invitations are, in many ways, your guests’ first introduction to your wedding, and you want to make sure you communicate all of your details in a way that aligns with your wedding style. There are, however, a few key elements you want to consider, no matter the style of your invitations or your wedding.

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  1. Who is hosting? This is an important question, because it will affect the majority of your wording. If the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding, the host line will feature their names before those of the groom’s parents, and vice versa. Of course, in modernity, many couples are abandoning this bit of etiquette in favor of de-emphasizing the monetary aspect of the wedding. If you don’t want to announce who’s signing the checks in the first line of your invitations, consider using “Together with their families” rather than your parents’ names. This is also a good alternative if there are any family issues, such as divorced parents.

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  2. Take care when addressing your invitations. Especially if you’re trying to minimize your guest list, be precise in how you address your wedding invitations. Include only the names of those who you are inviting on the envelope. For example, if you want to welcome your guests to bring a plus-one, include the words “and guest” after your invitee’s name. Similarly, if you want to discourage children from attending your wedding, be careful to address only the names of the invited parties on the invitation (although we recommend adding a line on the invitation itself stating that the wedding is an adults-only affair for optimum clarity).

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  3. Spell out everything. This includes dates, times, and anything else you can think of. In formal invitations, every word should be spelled out, as this attention to detail mirrors the gravity of the event. Besides, if you’re paying for an entire invitation suite, wouldn’t you want it to be as thoroughly elegant as possible?

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  4. Check the proof. And then check it again…and again. Then probably another couple times after that. Nothing feels worse than finally getting your invitations only to find that something is incorrect. Whether it is the spelling of a name or a place, the wrong date, or even a minor punctuation mistake, you will want your invitations to be as perfect as the day they are announcing.

These are just a few details to consider when composing your invitations, but they’re certainly important ones. We hope this helped!

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