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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Do I Need a Wedding Planner if I Have a Venue Coordinator?

In a word--yes. While having a venue coordinator is a huge advantage to you, they will not be able to perform all of the duties of a wedding planner. We understand they sound like basically the same thing, but there are some major differences that we want to let you in on!


1. Everyone on your big day will have your best interests at heart, but the priorities of your wedding planner and venue coordinator will not be the same. Venue coordinators are focused on the interests of the venue. This means that they will work on your day within the constraints of your venue contract. Wedding planners, however, are there specifically for YOU. The details of your day are the top priority for them. This includes your event layout, decor choices, song choices, and so many many other details that the venue coordinator will not worry with.


2. A venue coordinator is going to be extremely helpful with everything related to the venue. This means they will be able to help coordinate the arrival times with other vendors and figure out on-site timing agreements, setup and tear-down of the chairs and tables, etc. A wedding planner takes care of basically all the other details. Your planner will work with you to create a master timeline for your day, and share it with the other vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. Beyond setting up tables and chairs, your planner will help you decorate your ceremony and reception, keep things flowing smoothly, and make sure that all elements of your day are exactly what you want. 


3. Ultimately, venue coordinators are a huge asset when it comes to knowledge of the venue. They will help you figure out exactly how many guests can fit in your space, help with your layout, and even create a traffic flow so that caterers and other vendors are not constantly bumping into guests. Your wedding planner specializes in much wider wedding knowledge. While the venue coordinator can create events from fundraisers, to weddings, to churches, to corporate, your wedding planner lives, sleeps and breathes weddings. The wedding planner's specialty is all wedding knowledge from traditional order of a processional to proper wedding etiquette. 


Basically, if you book a venue with a wedding coordinator, you should feel like you're in extra good hands. But, I would not consider it a substitute for an all-around wedding planner. 



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Venue: Museum of Appalachia


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