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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tips for Flowergirls and Ring Bearers

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For brides with children of their own or adorable younger siblings, it may seem like a dream to ask the little ones in their lives to take on the roles of flower girl and ring bearer at her wedding. Certainly, when they don their darling dresses and tiny tuxedos, your guests will be beside themselves at the cuteness of it all. The reality of the situation, however, is that these little ones can sometimes be loose cannons, and you want to know what to expect. Before you finalize your processional or purchase any kid-sized suits, we've outlined some details about what to expect from a flower girl or a ring bearer.

1. Set age appropriate expectations. While, logically, a walk down the aisle seems like the easiest process in the world, anyone who's ever been in a wedding knows that the last-minute nerves can set in, and this is especially true for kids. By asking a child to put on an uncomfortable outfit and walk through a room of a hundred strangers, you also assume the liability of a potential meltdown en route to the altar.

2. Generally speaking, anyone under the age of four is unpredictable. While nearly anything they might do will likely be adorable, there's always the chance that the tables could turn. In order to minimize the risk of your little ones going rogue, ensure that everyone is well-rested and fed before the ceremony. For children of this age range, maybe nix any carried signage or ornate flowergirl baskets--these can make or break the little ones' odds of making it all the way to the altar. Additionally, try to put them in the most comfortable clothing you can in the interest of complacency. And, if anyone does need a touch of persuasion midway down the aisle, keep a covert bag of bite-sized candy on hand. Just don't go for chocolate or anything else that melts quickly--could you imagine the potential for sudden stains?

3. Put someone in charge of interventions. If your flowergirl begins to have a full-fledged meltdown before their walk to the altar, you want to have a trusted family member or close friend whose sole job is to cheer them on at the back of the venue. Just warn them to come dressed to impress in the unlikely event that they have to walk with--or carry--the child the rest of the way. 


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