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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Coffee Shop Engagement Session in Norfolk, VA

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Katie and Dan have been joking with family/friends that their wedding is a 'backyard wedding' since they are essentially getting married in their's just that their backyard isn't a grassy acre of land; it's the Waterside District in downtown Norfolk, VA.  They have lived there together for two years, and they just love everything Norfolk has to offer.  Since they are getting married downtown, they will obviously have a lot of wedding photos near the venue and the water, but for their engagement shoot, they wanted to capture some pictures of them in other parts of Norfolk that they love.  They were looking for a pretty natural, fun, relaxed scene to capture a day in the life of them enjoying downtown.

How did you meet? 

Dan and Katie met in graduate school at James Madison University.  They not only took classes together at JMU, but they also worked on campus together and even shared the same desk!  They became friends instantly, and over time, they fell in love.

What is your proposal story? 

Katie, Dan, and Troy (their bulldog) had traveled to Maine to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with Katie's family. On the morning of July 1, 2017, they woke up early because Dan had mentioned wanting to go to a local lighthouse to see the sunrise. Although cloudy, it was a beautiful ride down Long Sands Beach with Troy in the back seat. It was quiet and quite serene as they walked on the rocks, watched the waves crash, and took in the morning together. While they were walking along the rocks, Dan stopped, got down on one knee, and proposed! Katie was completely shocked and said yes immediately. It was amazing to celebrate together with the entire day ahead of them. Even Troy was smiling from ear to ear. Afterward, they traveled over to a favorite coffee shop to grab coffees for each other and Katie's family. Since it was still so early in the morning when they returned home, Katie's family was still asleep. This gave Katie and Dan the brief opportunity to enjoy the beginning of the engagement and reflect together on what just happened before sharing the news with everyone else. Katie and Dan then got to celebrate the 4th of July-slash-engagement weekend with both family and friends! It was incredibly memorable, personal, and perfect. 

Tell us about your engagement shoot. 

For our engagement shoot, Katie and Dan wanted a natural, local setting with pictures of them in their neighborhood. They decided that their favorite local coffeeshop, Cure, would be the perfect spot. They were also able to include their bulldog Troy, who also loves walking around downtown with them! Their photographer, Ryann Winn, was wonderful and really made their vision come to life in these pictures! 

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