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Monday, March 5, 2018

Surprise Engagement Session by Red Boat Photography

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Ya'll!  Some of my favorite things are surprises.  Surprise parties, surprise trips.... and today we are talking about surprise engagements! Below is the sweetest story from Knoxville engagment photographer Red Boat Photography.

From the Photographer:

"Dennis & Susan are the epitome of kindhearted, caring people. Two healthcare professionals in the region, they care for people during their most dire moments of need. Susan contacted me about having some Christmas photos taken, and we quickly set a date. I was ecstatic when Dennis contacted me weeks before the shoot to let me in on his secret: he planned to propose the evening of our shoot! Wanting to surprise her, Dennis created a ruse to keep her guessing. With our lines memorized, the session began. Leaving abruptly to care for my "sick" child, I walked away from Susan & Dennis to get set in the pre-planned location. It worked perfectly! With the Tennessee Theater sign for a backdrop (the location of their first date), Dennis dropped to one knee and revealed the love in his heart.



"Some of our favorite engagement shoots are when the proposal is a secret. Dennis decided to surprise his girlfriend, Susan, during a Christmas photo shoot she had planned. Weeks before the shoot, Dennis reached out to Red Boat Photography and let us in on his secret. I was immediately ecstatic and began creating a ruse with Dennis in order to make sure Susan was not going to catch on.


With lines memorized, the session began and I worked to capture gorgeous Christmas photos in downtown Knoxville. Surrounded by twinkle lights, the Tennessee Theater in the background, and the giant Christmas tree on Gay Street, the shoot was going perfectly.




Enter my acting skills. Faking a “sick” child at home, I had to abruptly leave and cut the session short. After leaving the couple, I went to get set up in the pre-planned location. Dennis walked Susan around downtown and distracted her while I set up. He then dropped to one knee and surprised Susan with a marriage proposal. Unbeknownst to her, the moment was captured on camera!


Susan was completely surprised by Dennis’ plan and that I was there to capture it all. The proposal spot was had the Tennessee Theater sign in the background, which is special to the couple as it is the location of their first date. Every detail about the proposal was thought out, which made it all the more special for Susan.


The engagement between Susan and Dennis displays the love between the couple. Two kindhearted, caring, healthcare professionals in the region, they are always looking for ways to serve others. They often take care of people during their most dire moments of needs. They are often the last people to take time out of their day for themselves, which is why I was so thrilled to do this for them. I loved making this day special for them both!"



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