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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

Picking a gift for your parents or future in-laws can be daunting. You want something sentimental and personal, but also something that they will actually love to use or wear! We’re helping you find the perfect, unique gifts for parents from Etsy with ten gifts for mom and dad that will be sure to tug on their heartstrings.

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Handwriting Bracelets


Is there something you always said to your mom as a kid, or still do? These custom handwriting bracelets are the perfect way to capture those memories of you telling your mom you love her, or share in a special phrase or inside joke the two of you share.  We found these on ETSY here for under $30! 

Matching Wedding Photos

Wedding Gift Ideas for parents

Do a little research before the wedding and find a picture of your parent’s wedding. Bring it to your’s and ask the photographer to take one of you in the same pose, and then gift it to them after the wedding in a frame like this! It’s the perfect Christmas present, and your parents will be so amazed that you “remembered” that wedding photo of theirs. This one comes framed for under $90! 

Nostalgic Drawing Necklace

Parent Gift Ideas

Is there STILL that drawing on the fridge you did in kindergarten? Do your parents HAVE to show every guest that comes over? Then they’ll get a kick out of this hilarious and sweet way to capture the imagination of your childhood with these kids drawing necklaces.  We spotted this one on sale for $26.25 from CaitlynMinimalist


Family Tree Necklace

parent wedding gift ideas

You’ve seen these before, but not like this! Give mom a family tree she can wear, personalized with all your family member’s birthstones. The unique leaf design for the initials gives this necklace a more earthy, bohemian feel.  Check out all of the options style options here.

Splurge Item!

Mother Daughter Portrait


If you’re looking to make a big impression, consider having a portrait made of you and your mom, or even your whole family! It’s the perfect addition to any house, and mom will love that you put the time and effort into having it handmade. 

 Fishing Lure for Dad

This one is on sale right now too! 

We can’t forget about dad! If he’s the outdoorsy type, think about intertwining his hobbies with a sweet note, like this fishing lure with your birthday on it.

Wedding Gift ides for parents


Personalized Watch

Give dad the gift of time, with a personalized message from you. These pocket watches are a cute way to tell dad just how much he means to you. You can also get personalized wrist watches!

This one is a steal at only 27.95 !


Picture Perfect Cuff Links

On the day of the wedding, let dad wear his favorite memory of the two of you on his wrist! Pick a picture from you as a kid and have it transformed into class cufflinks for dad to wear on the big day.

These start at 17.99!


Father Daughter Photos


While you’re picking out old wedding photos, keep one of you and your dad aside and after the wedding gift him this photo frame with the two of you on your wedding day!

Splurge Item!  - See pricing here

Custom Corn Hole Board


It might not be the most sentimental gift to give, but dad will be overjoyed to have a set of custom corn hole boards for the backyard. Get your family crest, dad’s name, or the family name and enjoy watching him use it all the time!

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