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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

6 Unity Alternatives to a Sand Ceremony

Six Unique Wedding Ceremony Alternatives to the Sand Ceremony

When blending two different colors of sand during their wedding, a bride and groom are making a bold statement before their friends and family: what’s joined today is impossible to separate. Of course, a wedding sand ceremony has become quite popular and many couples are looking for similar ways to show the significance of their union using a ceremony that is more meaningful to them.

Since we’re huge fans of making your wedding unique and meaningful, here are six of our favourite wedding ceremony alternatives to the sand ceremony.

Photo of a handfasting ceremony via A Practical Wedding


With roots that date back to tribal Celtic weddings, the handfasting ceremony has evolved over time but not lost its rich meaning. The symbolic tying together of hands - usually with cord, fabric or ribbon - is a visual representation of two being bound together as one. When it comes to “tying the knot,” it doesn’t get much more literal than this!


Tree planting ceremony via Snippet and Ink 

Tree Planting

For couples who have green thumbs or share a love of all things natural, a tree planting ceremony may be the perfect addition to your wedding ceremony. The tree planted on your wedding day will continue to grow along with your marriage, a constant reminder of the day it all began. The bride and groom can choose soil from a place that is meaningful to each of them, such as their childhood home, to make the tree planting ceremony extra special.


God's Knot

Also known as a Cord of Three Strands ceremony, this Christian wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize God’s involvement in the marriage. During the ceremony, the bride and groom carefully braid together cords of three different colors to create a “cord of three strands.”


Wine Box

Some things just get better with time. As a bottle of wine becomes better and more valuable as it ages, it can serve as a fitting symbol for marriage. When the couple encloses a bottle of wine into a special box during their wedding ceremony, they seal it with the intention to open it on their first wedding ceremony. Often love letters are also enclosed in the box to be read when it is re-opened.


Photo of Reverse Unity Candle Ceremony Via Huffington Post 

Reverse Unity Candle

A creative and meaningful twist on a traditional unity candle ceremony, doing this ceremony “in reverse” is a sweet way to include all of your guests. For this ceremony, each guest is given a small candle, and one large candle is lit at the altar before the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom light candles from the one at the altar, and then light the candles of the first person of the first row of wedding guests. Then, that guest lights the candle beside theirs, and gradually the entire room has become unified by the lighting of candles.

Hand Washing Wedding Ceremony

Photo of Hand Washing Ceremony Via Wedding Spot

Hand Washing

Any new adventure is best start with a clean slate, and this wedding ritual is a perfect way to acknowledge that. By washing their hands together in a shared bowl, and then drying each others’ hands, the bride and groom are showing that they are washing away past problems and pain and embarking together with a fresh start. 



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