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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

5 Things Your Caterer Wishes You Knew

5 Things your caterer wishes you knew

Knoxville Wedding Caterer Rosas's Catering Appetizer

 Photo of a meal provided by Rosa's Catering:  Finch Photography 

Today the staff of Rosa's catering is sharing their tips for choosing the best catering for your wedding or event.  Staying true to Chef Rosa’s vision of made from scratch cuisines and professionally trained staff for over 45 years, Rosa’s Catering is known throughout the East Tennessee Region as the one company to call when the finer details matter. Their consultants are available to easily guide anyone through the event planning process while keeping a budget in mind.

We're very excited for them to share their tips and help guide East Tennessee brides through the process with ease! 

  • Open Houses vs. Private Tastings 

As most catering companies will charge you for a private tasting, Open Houses are a great way to taste your favorite caterer’s food for free! It’s also a great opportunity to see different displays and get to know the people who will be taking care of your food. Watch their social pages and websites for when they will be attending local wedding venue open houses and mark your calendar to visit them.  Because Open houses are intimate affairs with smaller crowds, they're able to provide a variety of food choices for you to sample.  

Knoxville Wedding Caterer, Rosa's catering

 Photo of a meal provided by Rosa's Catering:  Finch Photography  

  • Restaurant Catering vs. Custom Catering

When hiring a restaurant to cater your special day, keep in mind they may offer limited dietary restriction options. As for custom catering, they can provide you with endless possibilities to best fit your needs and have a phenomenal wedding day! Good rule of thumb is to pick caterers with good Social Media reviews!

  • There’s no such thing as a dull question.

Never be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they’re worthless. At the end of the day, it helps clear up and understand what your needs are. It’s always a good idea to avoid unwanted additional charges or fees that some caters may offer. Will they take their trash with them after the event or are you expected to find a way to haul off the food waste?  These are valid questions that you'll need to know the answer to and you don’t want any unfortunate surprises on your wedding day!  

Wedding Fruit Bar provided by Rosa's catering, East Tennessee Wedding Caterer

Photo via Rosa's Catering website  

  • Do what makes you happy!

It’s always a sweet gesture to include your family and friends when considering your food options. However, don’t let them drive your food selections with your caterer. It’s your special day, so choose your favorite food items and the style of service you would like to have! It can also be a fun opportunity to have your guests get to know something unique about you!

  • Make arrangements so that you can enjoy your reception !

Don’t assume your caterer is responsible for things you didn’t discuss in the beginning stages. Many caterers won’t stay late for cleanup and breakdown, take trash if needed, and will charge additional fees for cutting cake, etc. Find the caterer to best fit your needs and don’t forget to ask if they have additional fees with their services.  

If your budget allows, choose servers over drop off meals so your guests won't have to take their own plates to the trash can. Small touches like this will insure that your guests are taken care of while celebrating your wedding day.  

You can find more information about Rosa's catering and their delicious menu options on their website here.


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