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Monday, October 9, 2017

Vendor Spotlight: Tink's Magical vacations

Vendor Spotlight: Tink’s Magical Vacations


Photo:  East Tennessee Wedding Photographer, Tracy Shoopman Photography 

 “It's my goal to make the honeymoon as memorable and full of love as possible.”

 -- Abby Hill

Abby Hill pours a lot of love into her work as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Tennessee Medical Center. “It was my dream job since the day I started nursing school!” she proudly exclaims. Ah, but Abby has many loves: her husband and best friend of over four years, their two fur babies, and her role as a vacation planning specialist with Disney.

The company Abby works with directly, Tink’s Magical Vacations, is a business based out of Connecticut. All of the agents work from home and live throughout the United States. “My role as a vacation planning specialist for Disney is to provide the highest quality of service to couples to help them plan the most perfect honeymoon,” Abby explains. She does everything to make honeymoon planning simple, stress-free and fun. All of Abby’s services are completely free to couples who plan their Disney honeymoon or vacation with her.


A Love for Disney

Abby was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Disney has long held a special place in her heart. While growing up, Abby and her family visited Disney World several times, and Abby went on a Disney cruise while in college. That cruise was special because Abby met a couple that she and her husband continue to vacation with regularly. Almost two years ago, the opportunity presented itself for Abby to join Tink’s Magical Vacations, and she was thrilled.

Abby loves being able to share her love for Disney with clients and help them plan their getaway. Tink’s Magical Vacations specializes in planning Disney destination vacations, including Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland, Adventures by Disney, and Aulani. Abby feels a real sense of pride in her work. “These vacations create memories that will last a lifetime. I love being able to be even a small part in that!

Working with Disney clients from her home in Tennessee is also a dream for Abby. “I love the southern hospitality I see on a daily basis, I love the love we have for the Vols, and I love being just a short drive away from some of the most gorgeous mountains.” Abby describes Tennessee as having the most perfect spring and fall seasons, with the occasional snow and beautiful lakes for hot summer days. “My job as a vacation planning specialist can be done anywhere, but I love doing it from Tennessee!”


The Fun of Honeymoon Planning

Many of the couples Abby works with express early on how much they enjoy the planning process and that they might just prefer planning their honeymoon themselves instead of using a travel agent. “It's my goal to help them understand that they are still very much part of the planning process, but they get to enjoy the fun parts and not worry about the stressful parts!” In addition to handling the mundane and stressful aspects of vacation planning, Abby offers plenty of tips and tricks to her clients -- perks that aren't readily available to couples not using a travel agent.

“I always start with the question, "Have you been on any sort of Disney vacation before?"  Abby’s goal is to determine what the couple may already know about the full array of Disney vacations. From there, she ascertains what kind of honeymoon the couple would enjoy -- i.e., do they just want to relax, be close to the water, enjoy the fantasy world of a theme park, or something else.  Abby gathers information about the couple’s budget, how many nights they are wanting to vacation for, and other plans they would like included in their stay, like special dinner reservations or spa time. This kind of exploration with couples is what Abby uses to propose wonderful honeymoon packages within their budget.

Disney — Not Just for Kids!

Most people immediately see images of Mickey Mouse or crowds of people having a blast at Disney World when they think of Disney -- and so they wouldn’t think of Disney as a honeymoon option. This is where Abby gets excited. “Disney is not just for kids! I could go on and on with all of the perks and things there are to do for adults only, but trust me when I say you will be surprised to learn how much Disney caters to adults!” 

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