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DIY Monogram Pumpkin Halloween Decor
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Monday, October 16, 2017

Pumpkin Monogram DIY Tutorial

Pumpkin Monogram DIY Tutorial

If you’re so excited about your new last name, and want to showcase it in a special way this Halloween…we’ve got you covered! Here’s a simple DIY project for your spooktacular Halloween décor this year.  

Watch the video above to see how to create this simple Halloween craft.  We've also included steps below along with a supply list

Halloween Decor DIY Ideas

Get your supplies from your nearest craft store or you can do what we did and order them from Amazon


Step 1. Tape the stencil to your foam pumpkin on the corners. Make sure the stencil is flat!

Step 2.  Trace the stencil with your marker.

Step 3. Pull the stencil off, and begin pushing the pins in at the top corner, following the stencil down.

Step 4. Fill in all the space on the inside of the pattern, and you’re done!

Easy Halloween Decor Ideas

This tutorial is so versatile and so many seasonal items are made in a foam version, especially at Target and other craft/discount stores. I'd love to see how you personalize this craft for other seasons too! 

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