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Friday, October 20, 2017

How to Gather Addresses for Your Wedding

Gathering Addresses using Google Forms 

This short tutorial will help you gather addresses for your wedding with ease!

Between showers, bachelorette parties, thank you notes, rehearsal dinners, save the dates, and the actual wedding invitation itself, you have quite a few envelopes to address!  One of the most time consuming tasks of the wedding planning process is gathering the correct information from your guests.  

When brides ask the easiest way to do this, I always recommend Google forms.  Not only does it streamline everything into one document but it keeps the bride from having to move information from one place to another and risk transposing numbers.  The guests receive the link and simply enter their information  - super easy! Once the information is gathered you can export to excel and create event lists for each event along your planning journey.  

Below we will show you the super simple way to create this form to send to your guests through email, text, or social media so you don't have to manually gather all of your guests information one by one!

Here is how to use Google Forms to create a simple document to keep you organized: 

*this tutorial assumes you have a Gmail account.  If not, create one for free here.

Step 1:  Go to Google Forms from your google homepage.  In the example below, it's the 3rd row, 2nd icon.  

How to gather addresses for your wedding

Step 2:  Choose Blank

How to gather addresses for your wedding

Step 3:  Name your form and fill out the question options.

I always choose 'paragraph' or long answer in the question options. This gives your guests plenty of room to fill out their answers.  

  • Under form description, give a little info about your event and why you're gathering their information such as:

He popped the question and we have started to plan! We can't wait to celebrate with you at our upcoming wedding, so grab your dancing shoes and we hope to see you there!

Date:  August 19, 2019 
Place:  Tsali Notch Vineyard, Madisonville, TN 
Time:  6:00 PM 

Please fill this form out so that we can get your invitation in the mail! 

You can add in any questions that you want, here are the items we placed in our form: 

  • First and Last Name(s) 
  • Names of Children
  • Address 
  • Phone Number 
  • Email Address 
  • Song Request for Reception

You can change the color scheme and background photo to any theme that you wish.  

How to gather addresses for your wedding

When you have all of the questions that you need filled out, click on the gear icon and choose 'Respondents can edit after submit'  This will allow your guests to edit their responses after they've completed the form in case they move or need to add more information.  

When you're ready to send the form out you can send directly through email or click "SEND" and choose "get link".  I always choose to shorten the link so it's easier to send through social media, text, or email.  

You can see our form here


This tutorial will help keep you organized and on track while you plan your wedding! 



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