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Friday, October 6, 2017

ETSY Guest Book Ideas

15 Guest Books on Etsy

If you’re over the thumbprint guests book or the heart puzzle piece boxes, check out these ideas for fifteen unique guest books you can find on Etsy to jazz up your wedding day!  You'll hang onto this memento forever so don't settle for a boring guest book! 

1. Vintage Photo Album 

Etsy Store: Old Age Book 

Leather Bound Modern Wedding Guest Book Idea From Easy

Set up this elegant, handmade photo album next to your photo booth and enjoy looking back on all the fun memories of your day for years to come.

2. Modern Wooden Guest Book

Etsy Store: FiraStudio

Minimalistic Wedding Guest Book Idea

If you’re into the minimalist style, this personalized wooden guest book is perfect. It’s sleek design and simple elegance will make it look amazing on your welcome table and in your house.

3. Boho Embroidered Journal

Etsy store:  NotebooksDelphineIV 

Colorful Wedding Guest book with birds and lace

We can’t even handle how cute this embroidered guest book is. If your wedding is a bright, boho theme this is the perfect addition for your guests to leave their best wishes.

4. Fairytale Wedding Book

Store:  Cottage Vintage Shabby

Princess Wedding Guest Book Ideas from Easy

If you’re living your princess dream on your wedding day, you HAVE to get this customized guest book. It’s the stuff fairytale dreams are made of!

5.  Tree Sketch Book

Store: bluedetoi

Framed Guest Book Ideas

Framed Tree guest Book from ETSY

Move over thumbprint guest books, there's a new way to involve your guests without getting their fingers covered in ink! These family tree sketch canvases give your guest book signatures a reason to hang on your wall.

6. Shabby Chic Album

Etsy Store: Gritly Art Decor

Shabby Chic Wedding Guest Book

For the gals whose wedding colors are blush and teal and can’t get enough of that shabby chic décor, this album is the perfect addition!

7. Football Guest Book

Custom Football Guest Book

For the hardcore fans, get your team colors involved on your big day with this framed football guest book to display in a home where every day seems like game day!  

8. Interactive Memories Guest Book

Etsy Store: DesignAglow

Interactive Memories Guest Book

Interactive Memories Guest Book

Interactive Memories Guest Book

Be still our heart! Filled with questions and pictures of the happy couple, guests can share their favorite memories and moments they’ve shared with you in this interactive wedding guest book. 

9. Color It In Guest Book

Etsy Shop: PurePaperDesigns

Fun Wedding Book Ideas, Framed Wedding Guest Book

Make your guests try their hand at drawing themselves and brace for hilarious results! This unique guest book offers your guests an interesting challenge, and a fun way to shake up your welcome table.

10. Your Song Vinyl

Etsy Store:  Design Creatives 


For the music lovers and romantics, have guests sign this framed vinyl that’s next to the lyrics of your song or first dance.  

 11. City Scape Art

Etsy Store: Macanaz


Get the skyline of your favorite city from this adorable shop and make your guest book permanent art in your home!

12. Snowboard Book

Etsy Store: HeadWatersStudio

For the adventurous couple who loves the snowy outdoors, guests can sign a beautiful snowboard perfect for any wall in the house or garage!

Snowboard Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Snowboard Wedding Guest Book from ETSY

13. 3D Sunflower

Etsy Shop: YellowStudioShop

Wooden Guest Book Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Guest Book

An intricate but stunning guest book, this 3D sunflower will transform any room in your house with the best wishes from your guests.

14.  Wedding Venue Print

Etsy Store: AThemeQueen

Framed Photo Guest Book

You likely paid a lot to get married in your dream venue, so why not cherish it forever with this subtle and elegant print of the place you tied the knot? This store also has great prints that you can order of your new home or other places that are special to you as a couple. 

15. Hometown Map

Etsy Store: ConcertinaPress

Wedding Guest Book Ideas from Etsy

Bring it on home with this fabulous map of the city you live in or where you met.


There are so many ways to personalize your wedding and choosing a guest book that reflects your relationship and your specific journey to the altar is a fun way to share a little bit of your relationship with your guests.  ETSY is one of our absolute favorite places to find personalized gifts for your wedding! 


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