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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Why Wedding Contracts Are Crucial

Why Wedding Contracts are Crucial

Okay, so signing contracts and organizing paperwork may just be the least romantic part of wedding planning…. but aside from the lifelong commitment you’re making, contracts are top-of-the-list important.

Contracts with each and every wedding vendor are crucial, because they protect you. They’re not just an unnecessary formality; they are something that will ensure that your expectations are met, and something solid that both sides have to refer to in case there’s a problem or miscommunication.

Ultimately, there are three things that make getting a contract absolutely crucial:

  • Confirm services for your wedding date - Many vendors require a signed contract before they can commit to providing their services at your wedding. Without that contract, you can’t guarantee that your vendor won’t book the same date with another couple. Having your wedding date on a signed contract ensures that your wedding cake arrives at the venue on the right day, at the right time!
  • Lock in the price of the service - A contract outlines what services you’re getting, for what price. This protects you from being given a giant bill after the wedding for costs you didn’t approve. If you're on the fence about upgrades or add-ons, make sure to use this time to ask what date you need to decide if you want to purchase additional services for the day.  
  • Ensures what (and who) you're getting on your wedding day - Are you getting 6 hours of wedding photography or unlimited all-day coverage? Who will be there - the DJ you met during your consults… or newbie they just hired the week of your wedding? A contract outlines what services you’re getting, and who will be providing them.

    Why Do I need a Wedding Contract

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On top of those three crucial elements, there are plenty of other important factors that the fine print may cover, like backup plans in case of rain. Does your venue guarantee use of their ballroom if it’s raining cats and dogs on your outdoor ceremony venue? It would be good to have that in writing, rather than discovering they’ve booked out the indoor backup to another couple on the same day and time when it’s too late.

Certain vendors may include contingency plans and substitutions in their contract. A mass shortage of a certain flower type may occur unexpectedly. In that case, do they provide the same flower in a different color, or the same color in a different flower? These are great details to have in writing, so that your second and third favorite options are delivered if for some reason Plan A can’t happen. 

Ultimately, having a detailed contract helps the vendor as well. Even the best, most caring vendors get overwhelmed during a busy wedding season. While they work hard to remember each and every bride, they cannot remember every word you spoke during your consult. Being able to look back on the agreed upon details in writing will help them deliver what they’ve promised, rather than trying to go by memory.

And just in case you’re still considering it…. do NOT book a wedding vendor without a contract!


Photography: East Tennessee Wedding Photography, Simply Stated 

If a potential wedding vendor doesn’t or won’t give you a contract, there has to be a reason. Why don’t they have a contract? Are they a brand new business? Maybe they’re not as experienced as they are making you believe. Are they not licensed or insured? Are they running their business under the table? Whether it’s a rookie mistake or not, working without a contract is a risk that just isn’t worth it when it comes to your wedding.

At the end of the day, how do you know that a wedding vendor will actually show up, and deliver what has been promised? Without a contract…. you don’t.

So, take it from us: if you want to book a wedding vendor, get it in writing. Once you have a contract, read it, sign it, get a copy, print each and every contract out and put them in a folder or a binder. Give that binder to your wedding planner, parents, best man or maid of honor, so they’re on hand during the week of the wedding.

More often than not, everything comes together as planned, and you don’t have to refer to them! But, as always, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

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