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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Vendor Spotlight : Unique Settings Rentals

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Vendor Spotlight: Unique Settings Rentals

Unique Settings Rentals  Unique Settings Rentals

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Make sure to integrate your own ideas, feelings and creativity into your wedding design. -- Colleen Munyan

Colleen Munyan has what she calls, “an undying love for fine china and high-end event design.” This passion is what prompted Colleen, the owner of Unique SettingsTM Rentals, to start her business of providing tabletop and boutique design rentals for weddings and events. For nearly five years now, Colleen, with the help of her husband, Brian, has been showcasing her talent at various events and for wedding couples, their families, and guests. Why weddings?It’s the excitement in the air!Colleen responds. “It's such an honor to prepare an event for a couple on their special day.”

Colleen’s previous experience in advertising and marketing, as well as her work in operations and administration for family-owned companies, has given her the expertise and confidence to dedicate herself full time to the growth of the Unique Settings™ Rentals brand nationwide (she heads up the Knoxville location) as they begin to franchise their brand and concept.

Unique Settings Rentals

What’s in a Design?

One would accurately conclude that the breathtaking outdoors of Tennessee inspired Colleen to pursue a career in design. What she loves most about living and working in Tennessee are “the beautiful landscapes, kind and generous people, and the ability to integrate traditions from the past into our current and future work.”

Today’s wedding trends revolve around simple elegance, which Colleen absolutely loves. This trend affords her the opportunity to provide unique settings that offer a beautiful, fresh aesthetic to the occasion. She notes, “Couples are finally getting back to designing their own look and working with planners to bring their individual design ideas to life.”

Unique Settings Rentals


Designs to Delight

One of Colleen’s primary questions to each couple she works with is, "What is most important to you, budget or look? We have options for both!" She also asks couples to think about how they want the designs they choose to be displayed to convey the nicest touch. 

From “over-the-top” displays to easy elegance, Unique SettingsTM Rentals designs include their newest offering of “Something Blue” mismatched china collection, a “Gold & White” mismatched china collection, macramé backdrops, donut boards and stackers, gold flatware, peacock chairs, gold design hoops, gold aisle markers and centerpiece rings, an oriental rug, lace and bamboo teepees, and two styles of dreamcatchers! Of course, after reviewing what all is available to couples, Colleen’s next question is, “What is it that Unique Settings has that will make your wedding decor perfect?” They then work together to create designs that suit the couple . . . perfectly.

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With the ability to coordinate with your decor, Colleen's plate collection always brings the perfect dash of class to any reception or event. 

Hiring a Design Professional

Knoxville Wedding Venues


Colleen’s best advice to couples is to look for quality rather than low prices. As tempting as it is to make comparisons only on cost, she suggests that couples look beyond their wedding day: "Think about how you want your ceremony and reception photos to look when you refer back to them in ten years. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for -- great pros aren't cheap, and cheap pros aren't great!” Colleen emphasizes choosing local professionals. Her sincere desire is for couples to plan wisely so that the design of their wedding will be all that it can be.

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