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Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Meaningful Wedding Day

Four Ways to Add Meaning to Your Wedding

In this day and age, especially with literally millions of weddings photos and ideas on Pinterest, it may seem there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to weddings. Every couple wants to give their guests an experience like they've never had, but that can seem like quite a challenge when you first start planning. Don't let that discourage you, though! There's still one surefire way to make your wedding stand out the memories of your loved ones.

Make it meaningful.

Although it seems like every wedding 2017 will have a donut bar (I LOVE Donut bars!) or creative dessert of some sort, the one way to make your wedding different is to inject your celebration with something that no one else has to offer: You and your fiancee.

When all is said done, the most memorable, meaningful details of any wedding are those that showcase your personalities, your history, and your unique love story. Here are four ways to make your wedding especially meaningful. 


1. Choose a special wedding date that has meaning to you as a couple. 

Who cares if it is in the middle of the week or an off-season day? Perhaps you could get married on the anniversary of the day you met, or your first date. Maybe you have gone camping together every Memorial Day weekend - invite your guests to be part of that tradition, and your yearly trip will always bring back awesome memories! You could also choose to honor your parents or grandparents by getting married on their anniversary. Focus on the date instead of the day of the week. An added bonus is that an off-peak or mid-week wedding will likely save you a lot of money!

 2. Choose flowers with a special meaning. 

Instead of choosing your bouquet based on what is most popular, think of particular flowers that you've received over the course of your life.  What was the first flower that your hubby-to-be sent you? What flowers did your dad bring home to your mother when you were younger? What was your grandmother's favorite flower that she grew in her garden?

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My grandfather's favorite flower was the tiger lily and looking back, I wish I had woven the beauty of his favorite flower into my bouquet as a simple reminder that he was there in spirit.  

Speaking of special people who will be present in spirit, wedding memorials are a very touching way to add meaning to your wedding. By including a collection of photos, candles, or a small tribute, guests will be reminded to pause and think of all the loved ones who they are sure to be missing as well. 

3. Tell your story!

We know that it’s tempting to keep your ceremony as short as possible, but it’s the personal stories and memories that help your guests get to know you and why your wedding day is so monumental and special! It’s easy to forget that some of your extended family members might not know much about your relationship. Take them on the journey of how you got to where you are today by sharing cute stories and special memories. Your wedding guests want to connect with you two as a couple and this is a great way to do that.  

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Personalize your music.

Throughout the wedding day, there are tons of opportunities to play songs that hold meaning to you as a couple. However, if you don’t let guests know why it’s special, it will only be noticed by you and your fiancé! Don’t hesitate to give a quick intro to the song, or include a little note about each song played during the ceremony in the ceremony program. Enlist your DJ to help make this special, by giving them some of the background. That way, they can let guests know that your first dance is a song from a concert you enjoyed together, or if they’re about to play your parents’ wedding song. 

By adding personal touches and references to your unique love story, your wedding guests are sure to connect with you throughout your wedding.



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