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Friday, August 11, 2017

Bridal Sessions: A Southern Tradition

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A Southern Tradition: Bridal Portraits 

Photography:  Red Boat Photography  | Dress:  The Gilded Gown

I love a good southern wedding tradition and bridal sessions definitely rank as one of my top 5 favorites.

Bridal Portraits are a longstanding tradition in the South and prior to World War II, it was not common to have a photographer at the actual wedding so brides would schedule a session prior to the event. These portrait sessions were often taken in a photographer's studio and would find their place on the mantle in her parent's home after the wedding.  I fondly remember the bridal portraits of my grandmother hanging in my great-grandmother's home when I was growing up.

The tradition has evolved over the past decades and most bridal sessions are now captured outside in natural light.  These portraits are often displayed on wedding day at the cake table, guest book table, or the favor area.  We're BIG fans of bridal sessions and today we're sharing a local bridal session and a few great reasons to schedule your very own.  

This lovely session from Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Red Boat Photography, was taken at a private residence on Watts Bar Lake and the bride is flawlessly elegant in her Justin Alexander Gown from The Gilded Gown.  

Knoxville Bridal Session

Knoxville Wedding Photographer

Why Should I Schedule a Bridal Portrait Session?

  • Hair and Makeup - Most all brides schedule a run-thorugh with their hair and makeup artists before the wedding to make final tweaks to their bridal look.  Scheduling your bridal session on the same day gives you the opportunity to see your whole look pulled together, jewelry and all, before the big day.  This can reduce stress and gives you an opportunity to decide if you want to make any changes to your bridal look.  

  • Stress Free - Not only do bridal portraits reduce the number of 'must have' shots on wedding day, this session gives you the opportunity to relax and be completely in the moment. Unlike wedding day,  you won't have to worry about timelines or a to-do list, you just have to get dolled up and you're all set.  
  • Multiple Locations -  On wedding day, you're limited as to where you're able to go without guests seeing you before you walk down the aisle.  Bridal portraits allow you to take full advantage of your wedding venue or you can choose an entirely diffferent setting all together.

  • Camera ComfortPosing alone can be hard! When you're in a group with your bridesmaids, family, or hubby-to-be, you usually have a hand to hold or someone else there to interact with.  When it's just you it can be hard to know where to put your hands, look, or stand.  Trusting that your photographer knows what they're doing when posing you and talking to you and your family is an invaluable peice of their services. This session will help you to feel more comfortable alone in front of the camera and also give you more time to get to know your photographer.   






Many thanks to Katie with Red boat Photography for sharing this stunning sesion with us! There are so many great reasons to schedule a bridal session and we can't wait to see yours! 

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Photography:  Red Boat Photography  | Dress:  The Gilded Gown

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