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Friday, July 7, 2017

Wedding Pro Spotlight - Stressless Weddings

Specializing in Relationships

I love to coordinate weddings, but working with couples through premarital counseling before the wedding is what really drives me! -- Megan Hurst Carter

Megan Carter has been successfully coordinating large events for more than 10 years. What motivated her to start a wedding planning business? “This business chose me!” she proclaims, as she recounts how planning is in her family’s DNA. “I watched the powerful women in my family plan and coordinate dinners, vacations, and holidays, so naturally I followed suit.” Megan’s earliest grand accomplishments include planning events for over 1000 people while still in high school. 

Megan served as a pastor in Atlanta before she and her husband, Ryan, graduated from Seminary together. They moved to a small, rural Virginia town, where Megan sought Divine wisdom regarding her next step. “And that's really when planning found me. I had a passion, I decided to chase a dream, and Stressless Weddings was born.”  Megan and Ryan have since relocated themselves and Stressless Weddings to Knoxville. Having lived in three different states and even another continent, Megan loves living and working back home in Tennessee. “I think it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.”



The Focus: Relationships

Megan’s seminary training and pastoral background has prompted her to make relationships the most important aspect of Stressless Weddings. While the couple is certainly the relationship of primary concern, the various relationships surrounding the couple are also relevant throughout the planning process. “I love learning about the couple's family. With some couples, I work primarily with the bride and her mother. I love the special bond between mothers and daughters.”

Megan considers it an honor to provide premarital counseling to couples. Her deepest desire is for couples to ask the hard questions and make sure their relationship is solid before they enter marriage. “Two people committing to love each other for the rest of their lives is a beautiful gift and a huge responsibility.”

During premarital counseling, Megan walks couples through several specific topics necessary for maintaining a healthy marriage, including communication, intimacy, family dynamics and budgeting. The counseling is impactful, and Megan is genuinely excited about adding more premarital counseling services in 2017.

The Experience

Megan believes choosing a wedding planner is critical in order to avoid wedding chaos, which can strike even when the couple has the most delicious cake and the prettiest flowers! Choosing a planner who is a good fit for the couple’s personalities and needs is also important. “You want to feel like you can openly express your opinion and that your planner will handle things on the wedding day in a way that you'll love.”

Stressless Wedding’s services begin with a free initial consultation, during which the couple defines as clearly as they can what they desire their wedding day experience to be. Megan takes this opportunity to begin helping them to envision what they want. Her overall advice: “Don't worry about the latest trends or fads, choose what you love and that will never go out of style.”

Megan’s growing business team includes her assistant, Lindsay, and an intern, Laura. Together, they work hard to ensure excellence and satisfaction -- which doesn’t just happen magically.In addition to premarital counseling services, Stressless Weddings offers customized planning packages that include decoration, set-up, vendor coordination and other services. With a Master of Divinity degree in pastoral care, Megan is also available to officiate weddings. Couples will sometimes ask Megan to officiate their wedding after they have experienced the genuine, caring premarital counseling that she offers. Of course on these occasions, Megan doesn’t personally coordinate the day’s event! 

The Rewards

“I love the magic of a wedding day, but I love what a wedding day represents even more!” Megan’s greatest reward is enjoying wedding couples and their families experience the wonder and deep satisfaction of the love that surrounds them. She also considers it high praise when family members offer their sincere compliments to her and her team for a job well done. “Everyone loves to be appreciated, but there is something extra special when beloved family members recognize that this is a sacred and beautiful day, not just another party.”

Megan’s passion for serving people and for helping them to fully appreciate and celebrate their marriage commitment has found perfect expression in Stressless Weddings!  


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