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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wedding Pro Spotlight - Colley Hill Farm

Vendor Spotlight - Colley Hill Farm 

We love to see the couples when they visit Colley Hill and realize there is an option that fits their style and budget! -  Natalie Gibson & David Seal 

The beautiful, mountainous land that was established as a blacksmith shop and farm in 1925 by James Holliday Colley, has safely passed through five generations to become a rustic and enchanting venue for weddings. At their completion of a two-year renovation, owners Natalie Gibson and David Seal re-opened Colley Hill Farm in 2016 to host wedding ceremonies and other private events. 

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The Idea is Born 

Natalie and David began their extensive farm renovation with no thought of creating a unique venue for special events. Their idea of entertaining on the exquisite 50-acre property was limited to hosting neighbors and friends. “We started having picnics with them and they all just raved about the view of the mountains here. That's when we started Colley Hill Farm for weddings and other events.” 

Boasting impressive views of the majestic Smoky Mountains, English Mountain, and Mount LeConte, Colley Hill Farm is located about five miles from Dandridge, Tennessee. It offers immense space and a variety of buildings -- including three rustic barns, a pavilion and a farmhouse. The grounds provide a relaxed, private, countryside venue for couples and their wedding parties of up to 200 people. 

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And the renovation continues! David and Natalie are currently working to make a stock barn available to bridal parties. “We’ve also added more area to the upper barn for the brides that like the boho style!” David adds, enthusiastically. The area has a cedar arbor surrounded by woods. 

The Colley Hill Farm “Niche” 

Natalie and David are keenly aware of the many options of wedding venues available in their beautiful Tennessee surroundings. Colley Hill Farm has a very special appeal to couples who desire an authentic experience that is both rustic and elegant. Old growth trees draped with beautiful cloth or peppered with delicate lighting is what some couples want instead of gold, silver and crystal. 

Colley Hill Farm is a venue where couples don’t need to have a large budget to create a truly special event. The simple pricing structure includes the use of all of the farm’s facilities for one and one-half days, allowing plenty of time for couples, their attendants and guests to walk through rehearsals and enjoy -- rather than speed through -- the pre- and post-wedding experience! 

The “Full-Service” Experience 

Natalie and David connect couples to a wide array of approved vendors -- wedding planners, photographers, DJs, caterers, and others -- all of whom are available to assist couples in making their wedding day the perfect experience. Couples are also welcome to work with their own vendors. An extra that’s available for couples’ use at no additional cost is a variety of props -- from mason jars to tractors! Couples and guests often include props in their photo sessions.

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Each facility on the farm is uniquely suited for various aspects of a wedding celebration -- rehearsal dinner, photography shoot, bride and groom dressing areas, and food preparation. The Pavilion, a 30’ x 40’ covered structure, allows easy access for vendors and includes a fire pit and swings. Simply put, everything to create a beautiful and most memorable wedding day celebration is available for your enjoyment! 

If you’ve always dreamed of a rustic wedding day full of the majestic outdoors, Natalie and David will welcome you to Colley Hill Farm with open hearts and open arms! 

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