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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Absolute Wedding Perfection - Wedding Pro Spotlight

Wedding Pro Spotlight: Absolute Wedding Perfection


I love big and small weddings, and I take pride when every single one is pulled off to perfection. -- Angie Froemel

Angie Froemel is passionate about details. Her previous work as a local Knoxville newscaster involved producing hour-long news segments -- work that overflowed with details and prepared her to become her own boss in the business of planning weddings.

Angie became a certified wedding planner and opened her wedding consulting business in 2008. Absolute Wedding Perfection is located in Knoxville, where Angie moved after graduating from West Virginia University in 2004. “I thought I would only be here for a year or so, but Knoxville sucked me in in ways I never imagined,” she says, referring to the genuine warmth and openness that she and her family continue to experience in this otherwise big city. “My family and I are here for the long-haul,” Angie declares, and Knoxville is indeed the home where Angie’s husband, two preschoolers, regular greenway runs to recharge -- and of course, brides and grooms -- receive all of her devotion.


Photo:  Erin Morrison Photography  Event planned by Absolute Wedding Perfection at Dara's Garden with LB Floral 

As a news producer, Angie handled stress daily, and as a wedding consultant, she’s confident. “The former news producer in me doesn't get bothered one bit by a little stress or fast-paced situation.” What’s more, Angie is thrilled with the opportunity to work in a “love environment.” She’s in love with assisting happy couples discover fun possibilities as they plan the day that celebrates their future together -- truly rewarding work that more than offsets any job stress.

Angie enjoys encouraging couples to be authentic, to genuinely express their unique selves in every aspect of their wedding. “I love that couples are thinking about what makes their wedding a representation of them, not just what wedding traditions dictate.” She makes sure that Absolute Wedding Perfection is remembered for incorporating unique details into the entire planning process. Where the couple likes to travel, the foods they enjoy most, and their favorite forms of entertainment are all considered useful planning pieces that come together to create unique and memorable affairs. “I just had a bride who wasn't really into dancing in front of everyone, so instead, the couple did their first dance in blow up T-Rex costumes! I'm not saying that's for everyone, but to their friends and family, that was so ‘them,’ and a memorable night.”

Knoxville Wedding

Angie also loves the fact that couples are moving away from tradition. Absolute Wedding Perfection encourages simple elegance for couples who may question the need for tradition. “I love that couples are going back to basics. No more overdone decor -- less is more!. Sometimes favors and programs are out, and who needs wedding cake when you can have dessert bars?!”

Couples come to Absolute Wedding Perfection hoping to bring their ideas of a perfect wedding day to life. Some couples seek help with planning every detail, while others aren’t so needy and would simply rather ensure that the actual day runs so smoothly that they can fully enjoy themselves.

Generally, couples severely underestimate and are unprepared to execute the details in even the simplest of weddings. Angie’s professional contacts and experience bring expertise to the forefront so that the smallest of details are part of the planning process. A worry-free day is really the perfect wedding day.


For many couples, the biggest worry, which is also a legitimate concern, comes before the planning begins: can their budget tolerate professional wedding planning that will ensure the perfect event? In addition to offering full wedding consulting services, Absolute Wedding Perfection offers basic, yet comprehensive ceremony direction services, which coordinates the details for all aspects of the ceremony itself -- rehearsal, set up, clean up, troubleshooting, and everything in-between. Angie emphasizes that, “Hiring at least a wedding director is affordable for almost everyone and is worth every single penny.“

Angie Froemel enjoys the many rewards of her decision to establish Absolute Wedding Perfection. Making it possible for couples to experience what they envision in detail, or creating perfection from what they can vaguely express, is what she does. Her business is not only good, it’s something she loves. “Pulling off those really big weddings -- hundreds of guests, in the middle of a field, bringing in everything from electricity to restrooms to water, and knowing all the moving parts came together flawlessly is always a highlight.”     

You can find more out about Angie on her Bride Link profile and contact her through her website as well.  


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