How much should a wedding DJ cost?
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Wedding DJ Pricing - Is an Expensive Wedding DJ Worth It?

If you’ve started to shop around for your wedding DJ, you may have noticed a huge variety in prices… what’s that all about? It’s really easy to say that “you get what you pay for.” But if all you want is music - don’t you get what you pay for with any DJ?

Obviously, it’s not that simple. There are a lot of factors that go into the price of a wedding DJ, and it can be hard to tell what those are. So... what exactly are you paying for?

At the lower end of the spectrum, you may be able to find a wedding DJ for as low as $200. At the top end, It's not unusual to find a DJ who charges more than $2500. At first glance, it can seem that they are offering the exact same service… so why the massive gap in price?

Here are some of the things that make the biggest difference when it comes to wedding DJ pricing.

First of all, at the bottom end of the price spectrum, it's common to find DJs who do this simply as a hobby. Because they do not rely on DJing to provide income, It's likely that they view it as a really great part-time job. Often, these part-time DJs do not have insurance or a business license, may not pay for their music legally, and may not have a backup plan. With so little overhead, of course they don't need to charge much!  Many venues require proper insurance to work in their facilities, so make sure to ask about their insurance and licensing when discussing your wedding day vision with them. 

Beyond any shortcuts they've taken on their business, if you’re hiring someone who only views this as a little side hustle that gives them some easy money, they will treat you and your wedding that way. If it’s one day of work to them, how much preparation time do you think that they will put in? Honestly… probably not that much.

Mid-Range Priced DJ

In the middle of the wedding DJ price spectrum, you will find DJs who do have the correct licensing and commercial insurance, and they run their business professionally. They may or may not be a full-time DJ, or they may be what the DJ business calls a “multi-op”, meaning that in addition to DJ services, they also offer photo booths, musicians or some other wedding-related service. Often, the multi-op companies have many DJs that are both employees or subcontractors, so they are able to book many events every weekend. As a result, the cost of their overhead is spread out over the hundreds of events they book every year.

Sounds pretty good, right? It's true, you can get a really great and experienced wedding DJ in the mid range of prices. At the middle of the price range, you can expect a solid backup plan, customization, and professional service.

So what are you missing out on?


It practically goes without saying that the price you pay for a DJ will rise with the amount of experience they have. At the top end of the spectrum you should expect a DJ who has literally hundreds of weddings under their belt. With that experience comes the ability to make a wedding run smoothly and make a dance floor off the hook. Experience and intuition go hand-in-hand and that intuition is what's necessary to read the crowd and give your guests an absolutely unforgettable night on the dance floor.

Aside from experience, one of the best things about boutique or high-end DJ services is the amount of personalization they will give to your event. On the lower end of the spectrum, it's not unusual to find a DJ who plays literally the exact same music at every event, save your first dance song. When you’re looking at a higher price tag, you will be looking at a DJ who is going to be putting the hours in to get to know you, your guests, your expectations for your wedding, and what an awesome dance party looks like to you. This makes a huge difference in the resulting dance party.

If the business has been around a few years, you should be able to read plenty of glowing reviews online. When a DJ offers such great customer service that their brides and grooms go through the extra effort of getting online and leaving review, you know that the experience has been fabulous from beginning to end.

Another important factor to consider is that at the top end, many wedding DJs lend their talent as an MC or “Wedding Entertainment Director”. This means that they are stepping in and doing the job of coordinating your wedding reception. For some couples, this may be enough to replace the role of a Day-of coordinator, which will end up saving you money.

These DJs will be creating a reception timeline for you, collecting all the details they need to make sure that your wedding reception goes smoothly, without you or your family having to lift a finger.  Imagine how nice it will be to be able to sit back and enjoy your wedding reception without having to worry about making sure your plans are executed well - a high-end DJ will take care of all of that.

Many top DJ services also offer something called a “Love Story”. For this, the DJ takes the time to get to know you extremely well, drawing out the details of your Love Story in order to share it with your guests on your wedding day. This is an extremely special service and it takes a lot of talent and skill to turn the details of your relationship into a love story that will captivate all of your guests. Remember - many of your relatives probably don’t know how you met, what interests you share, and what makes your wedding such a unique celebration. The Love Story is an awesome way to invite your guests along on your journey as a couple, and to truly celebrate your wedding.

Last but definitely not least is the “care” factor. When you hire a DJ who has years of experience, takes their job seriously, and takes the time to get to know you and cater their services to you, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re working with someone who actually cares about you. You just can’t fake that. And having wedding vendors who care about you is huge - they’ll be bringing to life one of the most important milestones for you and your family.

We’re not going to tell you how much you should spend on a wedding DJ - your wedding budget is your business! But - we will definitely confirm that you get what you pay for. Now you know just what that means. 


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